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I've got 13 110's all saying "Character not found" :/
i am having the same issue.. character list slow to load shows my characters.. try to load in.. takes about 2 - 3 minutes pops me back to character select screen.. character not found (on any server not just some)
well its been over 10 years sense wow was released and yet the population is not even 1/3 of what it use to be a few years ago and they can't figure out how to deploy a small little patch and get everyone back online.
Friends are on, husband is on. Not me though, still can't seem to find ANY OF MY CHARACTERS even two hours later... Please fix this... like soon ... please.
same as others report.. Im sure they are working to fix :)
Im in
whos blizzard launcher just did an update? again
3 people are currently playing in my house but I am still stuck with a black screen for 10 minutes then a character not found as it freezes at 90% loading. :/
still nothing? been over 2 hrs :(
I had this issue for a while and when i would try to create a new toon it would give me a character creation timed out message. So I ended up backing up the wtf/cache/interface folders and removed them. Idk if this is what did the trick but directly after that I made another new character and it worked and now I can get on my other characters.
I suck at finding my characters.
yeah give us a small crapy patch with no real added content and then take 1 whole day just to get it working
01/16/2018 06:29 PMPosted by Hûrst

Yeah and they have several technicians whos job it is to update, maintain and keep them running, if you were trying to make a point or make some kind of clever 'jab' you failed.

The point is your QQing and alluding to the fact your some sort of Server guru when clearly your not. In all the maintenance's that have occurred the past year, how many do you remember this happening? I think its clear the ratio is low. So again QQ MOR

Since Vanilla I came in about early Naxx pretty much every 2nd to 3rd patch stuff like this happened not to me all the time but theres always this wide net of people effected. Woldn't call myself a guru but thanks for the compliment.
01/16/2018 06:32 PMPosted by Roahom
whos blizzard launcher just did an update? again
Unfortunately it still won't work after this update.
I had issue right clicked wow folder not blizz launcher opened file location and clicked wow app folder worked
I’m having the same issue had a black screen at first, then when I tried to login to my toon, it spat me back to character select and said “character not found”
01/16/2018 06:30 PMPosted by Whoracio
Same problem. Go play with your kids.

My children are adults with their own children. But good attempt at being a douche.
how about for the 8 hours i wasted tonight trying to login to a game I pay for. maybe they should just give me my work days wage for tomorrow so i can stay home and play
Same here

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