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Hey all, LF a weekend-based guild that can help someone newer to raiding get in to it. I am in PST and am available almost every weekend and most week days from 5-9 PM
I prefer Stonemaul, where all my alts reside
Alliance only
I am looking for semi-hardcore guild
Haven't raided much past LFR. Mostly just do mythic dungeons
You can mail me ingame or post battletag in replies.
Have been playing casually for about 7 years now but would like a change of pace
Renegades is a Horde raiding guild on Trollbane. We raid on Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6:30 – 10:00 p.m. EST. We are currently 11/11H in Antorus

The guild was formed in May 2010 with a focus on community, and we pride ourselves on balancing a friendly environment with pushing Mythic progression. If you're looking for a guild where raiders push progression at the expense of the people that they're raiding with, we are not the right guild for you. But if you're looking for a place to kill Mythic bosses with a quality team of players, I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you and tell you more about our guild.

Please note that while we always want to be pulling Mythic bosses, the recruiting climate is currently difficult, meaning that for now we make no guarantees about Mythics. We are recruiting to rebuild our team and get back into Mythics, hopefully before BfA release.

We are currently looking for a skilled DPS (ranged and melee are both welcome) and one or two healers to add to our core. We are willing to trial those people who are a bit behind in gear and/or experience, as long as you have the strong potential to be competitive once caught up.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our guild and raiding environment further, please add our GM's BattleTag, Zaranna#1449.

Thank you for your consideration!
-Resident Bad FrostyMage

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