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I understand the importance of having a cohesive, capable team. And I can see why that would mean carrying the power to remove certain players who aren't doing their part in one. But I feel this might be a bit excessive in its implementation. My Goblin friend and I (I call us the Gob Squad, yes I know it's dorky but I like it) have been questing in unison, and most recently trying to complete the Azshara dungeon, but twice now we've been unable to because one of us was booted.

On both occasions the bootings were rather hasty, but had immense implications. In the first, we had just finished the second boss and my friend (a Shaman) was booted, even though I voted against it, for "Not Healing Enough". The thing is, everybody kept charging in single-file to their deaths like a bunch of new Overwatch players, and one healer cannot be a miracle worker.

The second time, when I queued us for the dungeon, for whatever reason there was a glitch and I was not teleported to it. I whispered my friend to ask if he was in (he said "yes"), so I right-clicked on the eye and selected "teleport to dungeon" and joined the team shortly after. I tried to catch up with them but they were mid-fight and dying. I wrote "Sorry about that, for w/e reason I wasn't teleported in. But it's early, let's respawn and regroup, we're good now." Right after that, they kicked me. Apparently for "Ruining everything". Like wth? I didn't make it glitch like that. :/

I wouldn't have a *huge* problem with it if it weren't for the fact that I was also restricted from playing again for 30 minutes, for "deserting". Okay, that's bull. I had no choice, I did not "desert". And given that my friend and I would vote against each-other's kick, that means that you're basically giving 30-minute ban power to 3 random strangers who are prone to scapegoating and groupthink. This just doesn't seem very wise to me. I mean, even League of Legends doesn't trust 3 (they require a major majority of 4/5 votes to surrender). Wouldn't it be better to make this a 4/5 vote too?
This just doesn't seem very wise to me. I mean, even League of Legends knows better (they require a major majority of 4/5 votes to surrender, not only 3). Wouldn't it be better to make this a 4/5 vote too?

No, because then queueing with a friend would allow you to act in any manner you see fit and the other 3 would have no way to do anything about it. I am sorry you/your friend got kicked... it happens and it sucks.. but the alternative you propose is far more open to abuse.
If they allowed 2 people to protect each other from being kicked they could just zone in and refuse to participate, put people on follow or just be all round douchebags and nobody could do anything about it.

Its !@#$ty that kicks sometimes happen to the wrong people for silly reasons but overall the system works, generally speaking if you're in the habit of getting kicked the problem is with you and not the community.
Getting hit with the debuff stinks when you've done nothing wrong. You suffer a bit. It's so much less suffering than used to happen when people who got kicked got off scot-free, to go on to troll the next group.

Sorry, you've both taken one for us all. It's better this way. Really.
Is there no room for compromise here? Either keeping the 30-minute ban but turning it up to 4 votes, or keeping it at 3 votes but removing the 30 minute ban except for multiple offenses?
In this case, I don't think either is a good compromise. If it took 4 votes, 2 people could stop a group like the others said, and if no 30 minute ban happened, trolls would just jump into groups non stop. Its a pain, but the current method works best

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