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I'm experiencing login problem on all my character. After a few minutes, I get the message "Character not found". This problem started after today's maintenance. I need help resolving the issue. Thank you.
Same here
Same here.
Not only Character Not Found but just having problems getting logged in period.
Same problem.
Me Too
Same problem
All characters not found, and I can't create new characters either.
Every time I log in it takes me to realm select and as soon as i select the realm it kicks me out... says all the realms are incompatible
01/16/2018 05:31 PMPosted by Thunderwulf

this is 7 months old and doesn't apply to today.

having same issue.
Same, and I've tried resetting my whole computer and the Blizzard app, guess it's just a waiting game.
Same here
I'm having the same problem. Says Character not found when I try to log in and when I try to create one it says the creator timed out.
My husband and I are having the same issue. None of our characters work and login is SUPER slow. I would just like an ETA as to when we can login again.
Character not found after waiting 45 -60 seconds for my chars to even show up. So same issue here too.
Same on Korgath, cannot create any characters or log onto any existing character.
off blizzs twitter feed:


14m14 minutes ago
[#Warcraft] We're aware of "Character Not Found", "Character Creation Timed Out" & black character screens when trying to log in. This is due to the number of players attempting to log into game currently. Please try again later.

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