Vote 1 Pit Lord for Demonology

Demonology Warlock Needs a summon Pit Lord for there 3min cd this should be unique to Demonology Warlocks Only

Vote 1

If you don't think they this could be good for demonology warlocks.
let people know why.
01/27/2018 01:34 AMPosted by Brainscan
If you don't think they this could be good for demonology warlocks.
I don't.

01/27/2018 01:34 AMPosted by Brainscan
let people know why.
Because i rather have a Pit Lord as a permanent pet for Demonology.

It's about time Demonology Warlock lives up to our name sake: Master of Demons. We should command greater demons, since we devoted our skill to do just that.

If i can't perform Metamorphosis because 'reasons' - then give me something that i can be excited about, and proud of!

As for Felguard? i say it's about time our generic roster gets a new member.
I've made a few threads in the past on Demo and demons.
Here's one of them

Don't necro it but do take some ideas from it.

tl;dr version:
- No more spec-specific trash on Demons
- Give Demo Inquisitor (with a Shadow Bolt Volley or whatever for cleave) as a ranged interrupt alternative to Felguard
- Give 1 tamed Demon slot ("tamed" Demons fall into the same prebuilds as an existing basic demon)
- And Demo can tame boss Demons with abilities corresponding to the Felguard or Inquisitor (cleave, stun, a channelled AOE), Pit Lords would fall into this category

And there you go, specs can choose between Demons, and Demo gets MORE choice (albeit cosmetic) rather than LESS choice.
I favor a variety of demon choices as opposed to a single new big one. Like having the choice to pick a demon who specializes in ST or one with AOE maybe one with utility. All should be capable of normal damage with ST, AOE, or utility being their specialty.

I also hate any ability on a timer greater than 1.5 min. I might be in minority on this but I am just not a fan of having to wait and wait and wait to use awesome ability X because it's massive cooldown. Ever play an Unholy DK? That army of the dead ability being on a 10 min timer is just so very sad. The longer the cooldown the more you spend your time relying on everything else to the point it's easy to forget the long cooldown ability is even there. Add the in the fact that other specs can often do the same/better damage without massive cooldowns it it just begs the question: why?
Warlocks dont tame any demon, they summon them and they dont even care about their demons. As far as I understand it, warlocks know the names of their demons which is why they are able to summon them. Its like a call to them, not a tame or enslave.

What would a pit lord do? I mean what would it do that we already dont have some form of access to? Plus it wouldnt fit lore wise since Pit Lords are commanders of the legion. The only person to summon one was Kanrethad but he was more part of the legion at that point than against it, drunk with power going against his own allies. Of course a Pit Lord would come to his aid at that point. If we were part of the legion all the demons would be on our side, but we arent and we seek power for ourselves.

No to the Pit Lord.
The summoner theme needs to be scrapped. It’s boring and takes power away from the warlock and puts it into pets, which are glorified dots with bad AI

I would like to see they meta-style gameplay come back. Doesn’t need to be called meta.

I thought the class fantasy in MoP and WoD was much better than legion. Each had a unique resource system and engaging gameplay. I still have no idea why that was changed in legion. All specs using soul shards feels very bland and lazy
There is an issue behind having a Pit Lord and that's his size.

I will point some problems it may cause:
- Messing with other players field vision.
- Players (warlocks and other classes) will complain about, and will ask a shrink item for.
- If he'll be a melee pet, it'll mess with melee players.
- If he'll be a ranged pet (like Doomguard), it'll have the same issue as DG has nowadays.
- Decreasing his size will be ridiculous, because it will need to be, at least, the size of 2 Infernals.
Obviously a summoned pit lord would be a dwarf or toy pit lord. All cute and cuddly.
01/27/2018 06:25 AMPosted by Cylei
Warlocks dont tame any demon, they summon them and they dont even care about their demons.

Tame is shorthand, don't take it literally.
It would be called "Greater Bind Demon" or something like that.

01/27/2018 10:46 AMPosted by Kenjihands
Pit Lord and that's his size.

Indeed, he'd have to be very substantially shrunk to not be a terrible eyesore.

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