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I use Corsair link to monitor temps among other things but I also monitor the system load. In the last couple of days I've notice the system load increased significantly (7% to 14%) with spikes up to 30% while playing wow in various zones.

Of course it's a bit higher and spiky in New Dalaran, haven't noticed any performance issues from this just an observation. I didn't even see that I have the Spectre/Meltdown patch from Microsoft either. Could be a me issue but I don't run anything out of the norm with wow, maybe a browser (Firefox) Twitch (mod updates).

Any thoughts?
Ok I think I figured it out. Setting a cap on Max foreground FPS puts it back to where it was before around 7% load. When you un-cap it is when I see the extra load on the system. Not sure if this is Nvidia or World of warcraft.
So you are talking WoW overall CPU usage. If you have anything other than a 2 core CPU you will never get close to 100% usage because wow only needs 2 cores. About 60% of its processing has to be done in order and is usually stuck on one core and the other 40% can fill a 2nd core but multi core systems tends to have that scattered across all available cores.

I got a 8 core 16 thread CPU and if I limit wow to 2 cores it will nearly fill both cores and I won't have a performance hit and if I allow it to access all my cores it fills up my last core but lightly hits all the others. It will still have close to the same variation of CPU usage on both instances.

Pic of task manager:

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