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I am missing multiple transmogs from my collection, most importantly my Xavius shoulders that I spent months farming... what gives Blizzard, can you hotfix this ??
Oh not don't say that... I was afraid of this. I hope its just a glitch.
Make sure your transmog window doesn't have sources unchecked. I somehow did that awhile ago and was freaking out .
Same here I got them on my druid and I lost Xavius shoulders too when I got on after the new patch, I was like.....w........t......F!!! I sent in a ticket to Blizz now just waiting for them to get back
Great more things for me to log into and cry about. Seriously roll it back!
This appears to be happening to only certain items. So far I have lost Xavius's shoulders, a mail belt from LFR HFC, and Robes of Brutal Tantrums. I got the shoulders to show back up by going onto my monk that got them and equipping them, but some of the mogs not showing up are ones I can no longer equip since I was a fool and sold them.
Super salty about this, and REALLY hope it'll be fixed soon.
I'm missing my Xavius shoulders as well. This is NOT okay.
01/16/2018 05:28 PMPosted by Kràmpus
I'm missing my Xavius shoulders as well. This is NOT okay.

You got that right
same, really hope they fix this
Seems like there's alot of people posting the same thing in the Bug Report forums, where this would belong. Likely just a display issue, since it's not just affecting shoulders, and some people have the item that's missing sitting in their inventory
Upvoted the [removed] out of this so hopefully it gets more eyes on it
Post it in bug reports. Mine are gone too.

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