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Guild Recruitment

My guild is looking like it is going to disband after some real life events have changed the schedules of all the raid leaders and officers of the guild

As such, I am looking for a new guild.

My experience includes 9/10 M NH, 8/9 M ToS, and 5/11M Antorus

I am looking for a 3 day guild Mon-Thur between 8pm - 12am EST

I am a very easy going person that really loves to play his class. I understand my class very well and understand how all my secondary stats interact with my playstyle. I am open to criticism and I do make mistakes but I am quick to own up to them and learn from them.

If Im someone you'd like to try out, just give me a shout back. Looking forward to meeting some new folks :) !!!
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

3/11M Antorus.

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you =)

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

Hey there Qt! Our guild is currently 4/11M and actively seeking out a R Druid for our team. I went ahead and checked your logs and feel you'd make a great fit so we'd love the opportunity to chat with you. We do run 30 minutes past your preferred times but if that's doable for you i'll go ahead and drop our spam down below for you.

Tactics - Shadowsong (4/11 M) has openings on its Mythic Raid Team! We are actively seeking motivated and experienced players that are looking to progress on a nine hour per week schedule. Our guild also maintains the top Mythic+ team on our connected realm, with several players well over 3,000 rating.

We raid on Tuesday through Thursday: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

An ideal applicant should be:

-Knowledgeable of all aspects of the specialization with which they are applying.
-Willing to change specialization should the need arise, on a case-by-case basis.
-Prepared for encounters; both via knowledge of the encounter and the necessary consumables to complete each raid night.
-Active outside of raid nights, such as through farming Mythic+ dungeons.

We look forward to speaking to you about membership. Contact may be made through the following Battle Tags: Dzt#11245 / Impure#1957 or via our Discord: https://discord.gg/yZAmukR
Hello friend! I was browsing the recruitment forum and think you might be a good fit for our guild, <Friend Zone>! Here’s a little about us, please let me know if you’re interested in a potential raiding position.

Current Progression:
Tier 21 - 9/11 Mythic Antorus
Tier 20 - 9/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras US 156th
Tier 19 - 7/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 Mythic ToV, 10/10 Mythic NH US 118th
Tier 18 - 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel US 169th
Tier 17 - 10/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry, 7/7 Mythic Highmaul US 146th
Tier 16 - 14/14 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar US 56th
Tier 15 - 13/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder US 69th

Darkspear, Alliance

We’ve been raiding as a guild for over 5 years. We have a long history of being the best guild on the server, and strive to improve ourselves everyday. We pride ourselves in keeping a calm and enjoyable raid environment while staying competitive throughout new content. We are also a tight knit group of friends that often do M+, hang out in Discord, and even meet each year at Blizzcon.

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday/Thursday/Monday 7:30PM-11PM MT (6:30PM-10PM PST, 9:30PM-1AM EST) (10.5 hours/week)



Recruitment Thread:
Highly interested!

<Graphical Error> (5/11M) on Emerald Dream is an established raiding guild and is currently looking for strong players to join our ranks. We are looking for experienced players who know what they are able to do to perform and adjust to play within our guild. Find out more at https://graphicalerror.com/

Current Progression Experience:
5/11 Mythic Antorus
6/9 Mythic ToS
10/10 Mythic NH
3/3 Mythic TOV Cutting Edge
7/7 Mythic EN Cutting Edge

Currently Recruiting

DRUID, Balance, Resto
MONK, Mistweaver
PRIEST, Shadow/Holy

Any exceptional DPS are welcomed to apply!

Raid schedule
We are raiding Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 8pm CST to 11pm CST (server time).

Normal Antorus (Alt/Casual friendly) Fridays 8-11pm CST (Server time)

On off days you will find us running mythic+ dungeons to farm AP or other activities such as PvP, both rated and unrated.

Thanks for checking us out! If you have any questions, feel free to add us on Bnet:
GM: RickWilson#1481
Officer: MrJ#11299
Officer: Redtah#1198
<Hollow Crown> on Sargeras (Alliance) 5/1M on a 2 night a week schedule is recruiting . We maintain a competitive atmosphere on a casual schedule. We recruit not only quality raiders but quality people so we have a positive atmosphere and have fun together. We regularly do M+ and have some people who enjoy pushing high keys. We also have a optional heroic carry run for gold for everyone!

We raid Tues/Thurs 8:30-12:30 CST

We maintain a friendly environment and like to do stuff outside of raid together.

If you are interested feel free to contact us in game. Cinnebuns#1943 or Richard#11728

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScvuSaDU-PO8iU1TnF4dnA7_wQcon2ROWT_iamWlKbwscK54Q/viewform If you would like to apply
[H]VOID - voidguild.com
Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 7:30-11:30 PM Central Time.
Current needs (ALL CORE SPOTS):
Ranged DPS (Warlock, Spriest, Hunter, Boomkin, Ele Shaman)
RDruid, MistWeaver

Hello, we are looking for another player to add to our ranks as we progress through Antorus. We are currently 9/11M. We are very much looking for a Resto druid to fill a core spot. We are a relaxed guild, but know how to get things done to kill internet bosses. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please add me on btag Jayken#1914 or drop an application off at voidguild.com.


Void has been the top raiding guild on Laughing Skull for more than three expansions, completing each tier since Cataclysm launch in the top 50 US guilds. We're looking for skilled and motivated players who can't or don't want to commit to the 4, 5 or more day schedules of many "hardcore" guilds. As we run a very tight roster, flexibility is important; the ability to play multiple specs or classes at a high level is a plus.

If this sounds what you're looking for, please post an application on our forums (voidguild.com). All applications are private, visible only to the applicant, Void officers, and our senior raiders. Filling out an application completely is the best way to get in contact with us and provide us with the background information we need. If you would like to contact an officer directly, add Pag#1973, Jayken#1914, or roffletastic#1470 and indicate that you wish to speak about Void recruitment.
Hey Qtkush!

<Probably Naked> is currently 5/11 in Mythic Antorus and are recruiting Healers and DPS. We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday from 8:30-11:30 PM EST. We provide food and flasks. We do expect 90% attendance and to be on roughly 15 minutes prior to raid. We expect raiders to have an understanding of their class and of the boss encounters.

We currently have a high need for ranged DPS and resto druid, but all healer or DPS applicants are encouraged to apply!

Contact us for an interview!
iwipeontrash#11300 - Raid Leader
Darith#1648 - Recruitment
Kleio#1976 - Guild Master

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