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Disclaimer: The expansion is not currently available for gifting, but I'll figure out something.

Hello Wyrmrest!

I've had this planned in my back pocket since the Heart of the Authors contest, but with uncertainty around when pre-orders would be available, it felt like a hollow prize to offer.

This will be simpler but in the same vein!

Tell me in one post, as verbose or brief as you desire: What is your CHARACTER going to be the most excited for - or dreading the most - in the upcoming expansion? What is your veteran human warrior thinking about the call of Kul'Tiras? What does your weathered Forsaken think about how things are progressing? What is your new Highmountain Tauren or Void Elf thinking as their respective figurehead leads them to a new faction at a time of high tension?

Everyone who posts will be assigned a number (based on the timestamp their post has) and a raffle will be held. That's it! As long as your post is legit, you're in!

The raffle will be held this weekend (2/4), if you can resist pre-ordering for yourself until then.

(You have to be from Wyrmrest Accord to participate. Like a real character not a level 1 forum alt.)
Ahotie has held a grudge against the Alliance since the attack on Camp Taurajo. Earth Mother damn Baine and his whole "It was a strategic Target in war." Those were his people! he had to watch his friends & family burn as he was one of the few to escape as a refugee. Though he has devoted himself to the cause of the Sunwalkers (and may or may not be a little touched in the head when he claims to have seen An'she in the flames of Taurajo telling him to), he's been waiting for a chance to get back at the Alliance for a long time.

There have been spats. There have been Conflicts. But always there was something greater. Couldn't pay equal measure unto the Alliance if there was no home left afterwards. So he has been bidding his time. Tauren know patience, and know wisdom comes with time and reflection.

Well, time has come. His opinion has not changed. An'she calls to him to fight. Though he is weary to stand beside the Dark Lady in this coming war, she is his best bet to return the the Alliance the damage done at Taurajo.

How does Ahotie feel? Well, ask him yourself:

"It's time for the crimes of the past to be repaid in full. And by the Light of An'she and the winds guiding my footfalls, I shall be the Judge, Jury, and Executioner."
Thormil will be eager to rejoin with his clan at large now that the Dark Irons are out of the mountain in force and looking to make a name for themselves. He is intent on fighting for his Clan, and thus for the Alliance, and will be showing them forsaken dogs the true meaning of war!

For Thaurissan! For Shadowforge! FOR KHAAAAAZ MOOOOODAN!
Why not?

Calder Wolfsbane would probably be extremely excited to see Kul Tiras. Mostly because of the fact that it's the literal Sea Capital of the human race. It'd be like a dream to run around those docks.

And that's not even including the folks who are practically the same size as him! He'd be head over heels for literally every man and woman who looked like they could wrestle a bear with him.
My blood elf is becoming a void elf-- her name is Vasilisa and she is eagerly defecting to the Horde. She's not ICly a void elf exile, per se, but rather someone who individually dabbled in the Void due to trauma from the Scourge invasion. When BFA comes, she's going to sell her lands to the Alliance in exchange for political protection, as she knows when to cut her losses and run from the impending Alliance/Horde war.

She's distrustful of the Alliance, but she hates the Horde more and despises the Sin'dorei for being 'weak' (i.e, bowing to Sylvanas/the Forsaken, as she absolutely hates anything to do with the undead and refuses to acknowledge Sylvanas as her warchief).
For Krista, the faction conflict is going to be a debilitating blow after spending so much time cooperating between the various class orders. She's a humanitarian by nature, so it was a relief for her to finally experience an Azeroth that was united against such a common enemy. Of course it's happened before with the likes of the Lich King and the Iron Horde, but rarely so unambiguous as it was while fighting on the Broken Shore. And as destructive and horrifying as the Legion was... a small part of her actually enjoyed the invasion on some level. Not the suffering or hardship that people were forced to go through, but just being given the chance for her to help anyone and everyone that she could, without being bogged down by nuance or the moral complexities between the Alliance and the Horde.

For the first time in her life since giving up her sword as a paladin and vowing herself to pacifism during the Northrend campaign, she felt the return of that righteous conviction. Throughout the Cataclysm and Pandaria, she was plagued by doubts of whether she would be able to continue serving as a healer without being forced into a situation where she'd have to directly hurt someone again, and that made her deeply uncomfortable. But facing the Legion alongside members of the Horde and Alliance alike, she knew exactly how to contribute and her ability to wield the Light had never been stronger.

So to see those orders collapse and splinter back into sworn enemies as the war heats up yet again is almost soul-crushing. Doubly so because it felt like actual progress was being made for the first time in years, only to have that hope dissolve right before her eyes. That being said, Krista is not the sort of woman who can sit idly by as others bear the burden, so she'll definitely be part of the Kul Tiras campaign in her usual role as a healer and confessor... but any sense of optimism or faith has been pretty well crushed out of her by this point, so as far as she's concerned, anything she can do to help is merely a moment's reprieve at best. She can heal a soldier and won't hesitate to do so, but in the back of her mind, she will be unable to shake the thought of how pointless it is, because that soldier will likely just be killed in the next conflict, or the one after that.

And after reaching her highest point during Legion, with her conviction and the Light bolstering her prayers beyond any level she's ever known, she will now find herself crippled by that sense of creeping nihilism, forcing her to struggle just to perform even the most basic of blessings.
Ivillis will be concerned about the renewed faction conflict. There has been tension between the Alliance and Horde throughout Legion, however, she still hopes to see the Azerothians(mostly) work in tandem instead of punching each other into early graves.

After returning from Argus, she considers Azeroth to be her planet, too, and she doesn't want to see its inhabitants jeapordize their safety.
Makios is very much looking forward to all this Legion business being over and done with - no more demons? Good! None of that Sargeras looming in the background - extra good! He's hoping to further his advancement in his Order and do good things for the Alliance, while at the same time being deathly terrified of facing the Horde in battle. Dude's a priest, he does way better healing in the background than running around trying to catch all the dying DPS that go too far.
He's also rather curious about Kul'tiras, and has been wondering if there's any real estate over there he can invest in and just settle down once and for all. He's very, very tired of running and hiding and fighting and hurting. Let Him Live!
01/30/2018 12:03 PMPosted by Blackweald
Disclaimer: The expansion is not currently available for gifting, but I'll figure out something.

Blizzard gift card?

Anyway, can't really give a lengthy story of what Nahriza's take on the upcoming events of BFA will be. There's all the chance in the world that she won't even notice, given she'd be too deep in her own studies. "The war has escalated? What a bother.... I was just here to explore this ruin for more demon artifacts... Do try to keep them out of my way."
"Oh no, not this again. You idiots!"

Zan Pyreanor is a neutral leaning character and the reemergence of the faction war after we just got done saving the world from the Legion and the whole planet getting stabbed crisis type of thing going on makes Zan just bury his face in his hands. There are bigger problems to solve than having an over-glorified slap fight and costing lives when there's fixing to do. He absolutely dreads having to deal with zealotry and needless bloodshed.

He's going to hunker down at home in Quel'thalas and worry about protecting home and family from the threat of the Alliance on their doorstep somehow using his technical skills. He may also work on trying to find a solution to save anyone who might be stranded on Argus (in case anyone stuck there wants to get out later). Zan'll likely also sit down and try (and fail due to static world) to figure out ways to deal with other problems created by BfA.
Azerite and its properties are the first thing on Minzel's mind once she gets wind of it. She has a history of hatred toward Gallywix and does not trust him with that kind of power. What sane person would? Her initial response would be to destroy as much of it as she can or at least keep it out of Gallywix's grubby hands. Anytime goblins have dug stuff up in recent memory, all hell breaks loose. Sometimes literally.

Still, she would respect Azerite's abilities, whatever they happen to be. Her main motive has always been gathering enough power to protect her family and allies through whatever means necessary after losing her sister to the sea. If Azerite helps her achieve that goal, then so much the better.
There will be many things that drive Dayon forward through the course of actions set to unfold. Chief among them-- rage.

The audacity of the Alliance to march upon the Undercity will ignite an unbridled fury within the unbeating heart of the Forsaken soldier, and he will be among the first to answer the call to defend his homeland. He will spare none among the arrogant among the Alliance who have come to challenge the Forsakens' claim upon Lordaeron, throwing himself in full to the war effort to see them driven back.

He set aside his foibles with them to join a serve a rebellion. He was willing to 'play nice' to stop the Legion. But now, after a war in which he was but an unliving mortal in a clash of gods, eldritch horrors, and demons, conflict has taken on a form that he recognizes once more-- mortal pitted against mortal, steel and blood and bone meeting in kind. This is a war he knows, a war he understands, a war he is committed to winning.
Kreglar is most excited for Zandalari culture and practices, of course. Blood rituals, dark arts, their Loa gods, history, basically anything of theirs that he can get his hands on. He's always been fascinated by them since he fought against them during the rise of the Thunder King during Mists, so he can't wait to learn all that he can about them.
Ji-Li is mostly excited to pilfer the Blood Trolls' caches of knowledge and to steal things from the Kul Tiran witches. She would also love to see what's going on with the Sea Priests and screw around with death magic.
01/30/2018 06:55 PMPosted by Nahriza

Blizzard gift card?

Yeah probably. Or some Amazon bucks or a PayPal donation or something - shouldn't be too hard to figure out. :) I'm honestly really surprised it option isn't there already in the client - maybe they're just waiting out the hug of death from early buyers before unlocking it.
As an archaeologist and friendly person, Araanna's going to be super excited about all the new stuff to dig up, and new races to meet and learn about.
Jon Chess started working for Theramore shortly after it's founding as part of a mercantile cover operation called <Universal Exports>. For years our guild did their best to make Theramore an RP hub on SWC, which was aided by the Theramore refurbishment a great deal.

And then the Horde dropped the bomb and killed most of his co-workers, his friends, and his girlfriend. Fortunately Chess was delivering cheese when it happened.

After the destruction of Theramore, Chess worked for a company called the <Azeroth Ale Society>, a cover for the Kul Tiras secret service. That group was destroyed during the Cataclysm, when Kul Tiras was moved further out to sea.

(Well, and OOC the guild leader retired, but hey - storyline, not true facts!)

Chess will be thrilled to be able to see if any of his friends managed to make it out of Theramore and to Kul Tiras!
Hmmm, What is yullk excited about? Its a (Relatively) Safer work environment for him; Being a peon in a warzone is by no means safe, but at least his immortal soul _Probably_ isn't in danger of being ripped out and tormented for all time. There is also the new faces to look forward to, He may be a lowly peon but he can still appreciate a pretty face; all the better if it talks to him instead of hitting!
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Tell me in one post, as verbose or brief as you desire: What is your CHARACTER going to be the most excited for - or dreading the most - in the upcoming expansion? What is your veteran human warrior thinking about the call of Kul'Tiras? What does your weathered Forsaken think about how things are progressing? What is your new Highmountain Tauren or Void Elf thinking as their respective figurehead leads them to a new faction at a time of high tension?

Cailias thinks very little of war these days. It's something he takes for granted now with it seemingly falling out of the sky every which way on every which day. What he is looking forward just happen to be things that are coincidentally related to the war.

He wants to get his claws on the secrets of Zandalar and he wants those secrets bad. An ancient empire that once stood toe to toe with the Thunder King, and is probably the most versed out of all the groups of Trolls on the darkest secrets of the Loa and all of the mysticism and magic of the ancient Trolls? He's gonna be alllllll over that. Same with the Nightborne joining the Horde as well, Suramar's probably got some nice little gems of power to collect, and Cailias isn't just gonna ignore that.
Alestarian will be pleased to investigate and possibly study the Blood Trolls, Like Blood golems from Pandaria, the Sin'dorei are interested about blood artifacts, the more understanding they get, the better for Quel'thalas and it's defenses.

With Dalaran no longer being prominent he has a new duty, to stay vigilant on his homeland for any threats, his disdain for the Void has increased since the recent events that took place on the Sunwell. He will also try to start a shady organization willing to put an end to the Ren'dorei and their treacherous actions. The Faction war could turn over his beloved Quel'thalas and he will not pardon himself if no action is taken beforehand.

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