LFR Dragon Soul Loot... bags only?

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Hello everyone!

I'm having a bit of an issue here, which might be "working as intended" but would like a confirmation if possible.

A friend and I are mog-aholics and are working through some old content to complete the Sets they offered.

All is well until we get to Dragon Soul's LFR mode, which seems to insist on only dropping "Bounty of a Sundered Land" bags through various full clears, even on multiple characters.

Did something get borked in the process of allowing solo-queueing for this raid to cause it to only drop the bags? We haven't seen a piece of gear in months.

I believe LFR raids offer only Personal Loot as an option.
Nope, it's just really bad RNG in the personal loot system, which is not fun.

I ran DS LFR for months on my mage to get the white version of the tier set. I got rings, trinkets, a couple of daggers and *one* lonely tier token along with a lot of those gold bags.

Feeling pretty fed up, I switched from LFR to Heroic to try and at least get some of the other color tier pieces. I walked away after that one run with nearly the entire set short a couple pieces. I also ended up with some off set cloth pieces that I didn't already have.
To add, there are no bonus roll coins for LFR DS

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