[A] <Fight> 10/11M 2-Day LFM DPS.

<Fight> is an Alliance guild on the Stormrage (US-EST) server 10/11M, we are committed to Mythic raiding on a 2 day, light schedule. (5 hours a week)

We're looking to add good people and capable players to our ranks who want to experience organized raids at a Mythic level as well as high level Mythic+ in a friendly, no stress, fun guild environment.

Current Recruitment Needs:

These are all for core spots on the raiding team.

  • 1 Mainspec Healer (Disc, Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman ideally)
  • Ranged DPS
  • 1-2 DPS (Boomkin/Mage ideally)
  • About Us :
    Fight is a guild that has existed for 20 years, originally starting in Ultima Online Beta. This is a day one Vanilla Guild. A number of the group I'm playing with have played together since Vanilla, and we've picked up long term guildies in almost every expansion since. This is a long term home. It existed before WoW, it will exist after WoW.

    We raid 2 nights a week Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30-11pm,(EST) with Sunday or Thursday being a optional night for Heroic or Normal, for casual guildies or alts.

    Our goal is to simply find good people who are also capable players who wish to experience the content and still play in a friendly environment. No yelling. No drama. No pugging. Ragers, drama queens, and a**holes need not apply.

    Beyond our listed recruiting needs we're always looking to add (or via merge into us) small groups or single players who wish to play the game in a large, stable, friendly environment.

    About You:
    By far our largest concern is your personality and type of player you are. Gear is easy to get. Teaching someone to not be a !@#, isn't. If you're number one on DPS but your attitude/ego won't fit through the entrance of the instance, we'll pass. On the flip side, if you're the nicest person in the world but you always stand in fire and can't do mechanics, we'll pass.

    We're just looking to efficiently raid with friends on a light schedule while still committing enough time and effort towards tackling the current content.

    We're not looking to drag people through Mythic content, you must be able to contribute at an appropriate level for whatever content we are doing.

    Because our raiding schedule is so light, (2 nights, 5-6 hours a week, total) people unable to (reasonably) keep up with the team in their primary role will be sat from progression raiding until they are able to keep up.

    Similarly we ask that anyone who is applying be able to attend at a very high rate (over 85%) we certainly understand if something comes up infrequently or out of the blue, but as we try to minimize our waitlist we need to be able to depend on you to show up.

    You are expected to put your best effort into making sure you understand your class and role in a fight. You are expected to have gear properly gem'd, and enchanted.

    Contacting us :
    Ideally contact me via Discord (Vilnius#5048) or BNet (Vilnius#1998) if you're interested, or need more information.
    Interested! My Btag is Boots#11505, and I contacted through BattleNet too.
    970 Guardian have chest ,legs +Lufa & ring send tell if of any interest
    add me if interested colin#1282 974 resto druid 5/11 mythic 100 wipes on soul hunt retired hard core raider trying to get back into pushing progression

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