[A] Direwolves - Social, Casual, PVX

Draenor and Echo Isles

Faction: Alliance
Discord Voice Server

Who we are:

A casual, social guild that enjoys PVE, PVP, crafting, fishing, roleplaying and all the game has to offer. Whether you prefer to focus on once aspect of the game, or several, we aim to organise regular events to cater to all tastes and create a fun, welcoming environment for all.

In Direwolves we know a community is only as strong as the individuals within it. It doesn't matter whether you're a brand new player or have been playing since vanilla. We are newbie friendly and happy to help lower level characters with quests, dungeons or sharing expertise.

The guild's experienced leaders understand RL comes first and have jobs/family and other commitments of their own. It doesn't matter if you can play only infrequently or every day - as long as you are active at least once a month.

Who we're looking for

We can help players master their roles and earn new gear, but we cannot choose your attitude for you. You bring the right attitude and the rest will fall into place. The sort of player we're looking for:-

  • Wants to make friends and socialise with other players
  • Is helpful and friendly in nature - willing to help the guild and its players
  • Actively plays World of Warcraft once a month or more
  • How to join or get more information

    Contact BT: Aimsley#2561 in-game or respond to thread

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