Liu Lang's Seven Priests

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I was reading the Wowpedia article on Liu Lang and read an intriguing detail:
During another visit, he requested seven priests for having elements in the back of the turtle.

Is there a source and more information regarding this? I searched on google and apparently it's related to the elements on the turtle's back. I would like to learn more.
01/17/2018 10:42 PMPosted by Yvenathilm

Thank you!

Interesting how they refer to "priests" to work with elementals on the Turtle island instead of "shaman". The lore for the Wandering Isle's priest and shaman class are relatively sparse so it adds to the mystery...
Its possible culturally the Pandaren don't see much distinction between the two, priests respect and revere the Light, and the shamans respect and revere the elements.

Wandering Isle pandaren didn't even know what the "Light" was, though. That or Jojo is just absent minded.
I think the Pandaren in general revere the Augest Celestials, and perhaps even worship them. Chi-Ji is the most likely to me, to be the one most associated with playable priests, with his connection to faith and hope and whatnot.
With this in mind, it's not too surprising that Pandaren priests are associated with the elements, as they could be associated with the Celestials. Yu'lon are the winds of change and wisdom, Niuzao is the sturdy and dependable earth you walk upon, Xuen is the strong waters that erode even the tallest mountains down over time, and Chi-Ji is the fire of the heart, the warmth of faith.

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