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Huge Congrats!
GOt it !!!
Congrats!!! I love this so much! I met my best friend on WoW in 2009. We found out a few years ago we are part of the phenomenon of Twin Flames. We're both in the process of getting out of karmic, long term relationships so we can FINALLY be together. (We are older also.. both in our 50's. And he's in AZ also!) I love so much you shared this. Me and my better half send you our countless Blessings. :)
Hooray! Congrats! Hope you have many happy years together!
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I flew across the country to meet this night elf

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my children
Congratulations and best of luck to you both!

And always remember that your relationship will take far more work, and in addition be far more rewarding, than anything this game has ever, or will ever have to offer. Nothing is better than a wonderful & loving partner.
Congrats! It's nice to see something positive for once on GD.
Congratulations! Your story reminds me of my husband and I. :) I still remember the day we met in Orgrimmar and all of the nights we spent RPing under the tree in the Drag.

Best wishes to the both of you! That wedding sounds like it will be fantastic!
I bet you could find a theme wedding in vegas!
Normally I come the forums to piss off the PVE players.

Today, I am here to say CONGRATS and best wishes on your new adventure in marriage. Don't believe the BS! Marriage is HARD WORK but nothing can be more rewarding.

God's blessing on you both!

Use the enter key sometimes.
Congrats, wish my wife played WoW, she always tells me to get off WoW lol.
This a pretty cool story

I most certainly wish you both all the happiness in the world! Congratulations!
ITS A TRAP!!!! soz getting divorced hahahah
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I know that this is very common, that people meet people on World of Warcraft. I have met several people on the game in the 11 years that I have played. Somehow everyday, I found myself fishing in Dalaran fountain and met this individual, we became amazing friends. He invited me to his guild, not sure how that happened, but it was fun I was still noob and standing in fire and stuff. Over the years we became really good friends, and throughout my time in the guild I met several amazing people. Eventually during Cataclysm I met HIM! I was a hairstylist who played wow to come and release the stress of the chop shop, and upon having a severe ankle surgery was when we really bonded. I would look forward to stupid pet hunting, and just hanging out. We became best friend for almost three years. Finally he asked me to visit, me living in New Jersey and him in Arizona. I flew across the country to meet this night elf, it was love at first site. Four years later we are still together and planning our geek wedding we are getting married the day WOW launched 11/24, we will have alchemy tables (with shots), herbalism tables with flowers, leather working table, blacksmithing table with gifts, tayloring table, none of our guest will leave empty handed!!!! we are truly excited to share this with the WOW community and our family!!! everyone will cosplay and we have all sorts of stuff to support Horde and Alliance since we have made so many amazing friends on both sides. my children yell at me for my geekiness I am 44 years young btw. I felt I needed to share my excitement with you all and hope that if for nothing less you enjoy each new friendship, and new adventure you embark on in the amazing World of Warcraft!

Congratulations ! I met my husband on WOW, and it was 5 years ago.

I thought about inserting some words lengthy of wisdom, but you'll figure it out. Both of you keep one word in mind for your whole lives and you'll be fine: Respect.

My husband and I met in everquest in 2001. Were friends for years throughout a lot of games. I was married, he got married, we both got divorced, decided to meet. He came from Canada to the US in 2008 for the first time. Married in 2011. My 4 kids and I immigrated to Canada in late 2012 and here we still are.

We don't really game together anymore, but we game and respect each other's playtime. He's mostly given up on wow while I'm still addicted, so he'll be playing eso next to me playing wow. It works.
This is probably the most rarest drop in the game. I'm okay with not getting it.
Every woman I've met in WoW has been deranged.

What's that about.
Oh wow reading your story was like reading my own, I met my husband on wow also back in 2009, i am also a hairdresser and had a broken ankle, no lie. we met in Stormwind at the mailbox in the trade district by the bank. We gamed for 4 yrs together building a relationship until both our circumstances could change and we could be together. In 2013 he moved to Ohio from Oklahoma to be with me. We just got married this past October . Congrats to both of you. Your wedding sounds so fun. Best Wishes to a long and happy life together

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