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How will you avoid a class stacking problem in bfa? Only having a single class utility work on select bosses in raids or dungeons may either lead to less desirable classes on some fights or dungeons being benched or turned away. Stapeading roar for example is great utility used all the time.
Why void elves and not high elves of the silver covenant? Also will we get more skin colors or lore on them?
Any plans to update transmog restrictions for Fist weapons specifically? I want to use my mage tower Xuen claws appearance in BfA even if I only get sword/mace/axe drops.
Will we ever be able to communicate and group across factions?
If the Underlight Angler is joining us on our adventures in BfA, can we get transmog options for older fishing rod skins on it? Or better yet new updated models of the Jeweled Fishing Pole, Bone Fishing Pole and older rods. It would be great to have different color appearances for the older rods such as the Underlight currently has.
On the BFA Blizzcon 2017 Demo a lot of tanks have had their Active Mitigation changed from damage reduction to increased armor. (Prot Paladin was set to 120% for Shield of the Righteous) What more can you tell us about AM in BFA, ESPECIALLY Magic DMG reduction.
1) Can you give us an overall on what to expect for PvP in BfA?

2) Who will be the next lead PvP designer? I miss Holinka

3) Have you taken some thought into introducing soloqueue in the game?

4) How will the allied racials work in PvP? Racials have a history of bringing somewhat of an unbalance to PvP. Any plans to remove them in instanced PvP?

5) Any news about the arena spectator mode?
Will the events that leads to BfA (Teldrassil's burning and/or Lordareon's fall) be contained within the game quests or we will need to buy the "Before the Storm" book to know what happened ? Love this game! Keep it up ♥
01/25/2018 10:45 AMPosted by Harahuun
What class specs are you looking at addressing the most? Also are you considering adding any new specs to existing classes. Example: Dark Ranger or Shaman Tanking spec
Also you can make a hunter tank spec where the hunter is melee and tanks plus he can make his pet tank as well, would be unique and instead of needing 2 tanks in raid they can have 1 hunter tank + hunter's pet.
Any plans for the lead up story to Battle? With Legion you had the animations, comics, audio dramas, and the like, hoping something similar is in the works for BfA.
Will BM hunters get to keep a second pet? (Hati)
Will warlocks ever get a spec like a hex blade from dnd 5e?
If we unlocked all challenge artifact tints in one weapon pre-7.3, will they become character wide in BfA (or at any point) instead of being locked to just the spec it was earned in, like how it functions now after the change in 7.3?
Now that leveling scales, do you have any interest in adding new chapters to older zones during BFA. Those new chapters could take place with phasing during BFA and be unlocked at a later level and scale to max level.
Will level scaling change to where we can skip Draenor content and head straight to leveling on the Broken Isles?
Will we warlocks get more demon changing glyphs and some of the old ones get updated models fel imp looks really old.
Will there be more challenging secret finding in BFA? Will it be a group effort (like Riddler's Mind worm), gated behind a toy (like Uuna [i still haven't acquired her, even after the buff to the drop rate]), individual challenge (like maze from Lucid Nightmare), or something new ? What have you learned (pros/cons) from the secret finding discord for future secrets? What surprised you the most that players were stumped on or found pretty quickly?
Will we get any more hidden armor slots? I want to make a warrior Orc, and tank big bosses with my loincloth in the air.
When will Battle for Azeroth preorders go live?
Can we see some world quests, elite quests, world bosses, etc added to the old zones for leveling players? Something to add a bit of variety and occasional danger would be really interesting.

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