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1.When artifacts are removed will all access to the forms druids unlocked be lost with them?
2.Also in MOP a faction sold a commendation a character could buy when they became exalted that help all alts that followed earn double reputation- would you consider bringing that back?
3.An accountwide bank is said to potentially break economies on different servers but what about server banks for all your alts to share?
4.Will we be able to race change to the new races or will we have to level one to max first?
5. Any idea how to work a change to Achievements that can be assigned to players not characters so we don't get bound into playing a "main" anytime anything new happens since none of our other characters can never match their progress?
Will BfA see a departure from the Garrison/Order Hall mission system, pushing progression back into the hands of the player instead of offering a no-effort solution?
will you make old talents viable again to appease players who prefer a specific play style for example a frost dk who prefers the Breath of sindragosa build over the boring cookie cutter obliteration build.
With all the new allied races we'll be unlocking (I, for one, have wanted my main to be a Zandalari troll since the Isle of Thunder in 5.2!) will we maybe see a race-change bundled with BfA, similar to how level boosts have been included with recent expansions?
Hati? Can we keep Hati?
Can we please for the love of N'Zoth, have a "Quantity" search button/field added in the Auction House? Tired of scrolling through 27 pages of 1 quantity spam for the last 10 years.
When will we get a full release of the Update?
Being that there are so many pets that hunters can tame, will Warlocks ever get the chance at using a more varied choice of demons? It does seem that warlocks have been using the same demons for almost the whole game now, and adding a few would make some interesting Race/Class combinations.
Will the world be remodeled like you did in Cataclysm?
Thank you for the Q&A!

Will there be an avenue for increasing an account character cap at any capacity? My wife and I have stories that we're exploring on several servers and we are going to hit our cap at BFA. Perhaps a purchase option for additional slots? Thanks.
I am someone wanting to play a highmountain druid in BfA however I want to get the artifact challenge appearance. Am I going to have to level a completely separate druid to get the appearance or will allied races have the possibility to get appearances that are being locked post legion?
What classes can the Zandalari Trolls and Dark Iron Dwarves be?
Can you show us what the starting zone for the allied races looks like?
How do we obtain the Zandalari Trolls and the Dark Iron Dwarves?
Are we still going to be going to our class halls?
When is the BFA beta coming out?
When is the BFA official release date?
When we pre-order, do we finally get to obtain allied races?
Can we fly in Zandalar and Kul Tiras?
Can the Vulpera be a race in an upcoming patch? Please :) Or the sethrak, but I can see how it would be hard to put a helm on one of those.
Are we getting a higher account character limit with the new upcoming 6 character slots per server?
Can those tall green dinosaurs be mounts/downsized hunter pets? Please
Will there be heritage armor for non-Allied Races in the future?
How will the PvP toggle affect players joining cross realm groups? Will listings in Group Finder indicate if the group is located on a PvP shard? Will players be on a different shard if their flag status doesn't match the group leader's or will their flag be forced to match?

What is being done to make professions like Inscription more viable next expansions? The limited number and appeal of cosmetic glyphs has left Inscription a broken profession on the realms lacking a strong progression raid community since there's no interest in buying Vantus Runes for pugs and very little interest in buying Tomes for general use due to the cost.

There are a lot of old model appearances popular in transmog but no longer available in-game, or only available if you can find a crafter still playing on your realm that has a pattern removed from the game. Any chance of adding new cosmetic patterns for these items to appropriate professions to give players a new source for them?

BfA Pathfinder will obviously impact flying in the new Zandalar and Kul'Tiras zones. Will level 110+ players still be able to fly in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, or will their ability to fly in those zones also be disabled until Pathfinder is completed?
Is there any chance we're getting a UI/HUD update in BfA?
01/25/2018 08:26 PMPosted by Threeslotbag
Hati? Can we keep Hati?

Please! Can we please keep Hati?!
Regarding PvP Prestige Level(s) Achievements:

Are the current Prestige Level Achievements being retired next expansion? If so, Are they being replaced by new ones?

Also, Can we still earn the current rewards from the said achievements in Battle for Azeroth such as mounts and artifact appearances that we may want to utilize for transmog purposes.


Xanlorash [The Insane]
Can you share any of the behind the work concepts on Demonology Warlock / Survival Hunter, or is it still too concept to share? :)

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