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Any thoughts about adding a new small race like gnomes or goblins?
Are there going to be any new 20-100 zone quests to go along with the new allied race characters we'll be leveling?
Why do the vulpera have such freakishly long arms? They appear to be longer than even goblin arms. (We're going to get these guys as a player race, right?)
Are tailors getting the new 32 slot bag to make as hinted in notes on 8.0 ptr? Sincerely, A tailor with bag space issues.
01/25/2018 10:50 AMPosted by Alurna
Can the Alliance, please, get High Elves as an Allied Race in the near future? Void Elves aren't High Elves.

Will flying be part of the next expansion?
Also, will we be able to choose which faction we want to play as nightborne?
As an alliance character, I enjoyed opening up the storyline with my hunter.
The nightborne is fascinating.
With the new Heart of Azeroth and the azurite need to unlock the tiers in the shoulder, chest, etc., slot pieces, will these Tier choices be more like the legendries we've seen in legion, Talents, or just Buffs to predetermined skills i.e. Artifact traits?
you said in the last q&a that demonology was a failed experiment. do you have any idea for the changes to the spec yet that you can share with us?
The last time I was able to raid mythic with friends but without a headache over recruitment was in Mists of Pandaria. In fact, I still play with most of the people that were in our old 10-man team, but the strict 20-man setting specifically excludes the average player on a lower population server for being able to fill a group that large.

Are there even any alternatives on the table or even on the bottom of the list of thoughts for changes to the 20 man requirement?
When can Sandrene's Invisible Vest be Transmogrified?
Why didn't you make any of the alliance new Sub-races be able to be druids and only let the horde get the ability to have a new druid? I main a druid and love her but i would loved to have seen the Void elves have a Druid form and have a void feral/bear or a Hawkstrider travel form or something, I just love the druids but im not big on horde much but want to play other druids other then what we have. and why didn't you give the horde the ability to have dark iron dwarves and the alliance have the tauren or trolls instead of giving us the same race but with different names and somewhat different styles? idk if this has been asked yet but didnt want to go through 71 pages to see.
As an on and off player, I skipped nearly the whole Warlords of Draenor expansion largely due to the boring time spent in a garrison where the game essentially felt like you were either turning in passively completed missions or out repeating boring questlines that felt hastily throw together.

Can you at least fix this mistake by letting us players who are so dissatisfied with the content of that expansion that we cannot stomach the meta achievement farm for flying simply buy the flying skill so we can more easily quest through and forget it?
Can Assassins have another off-hand poison for Raids? Leeching isn't helpful and Crippling has very few Raid applications. Maybe we could have an accumulative poison that results in one second of vulnerability that allows all melee to score a critical hit.
also why did you get rid of the 3 chest for Mythic +'s when we worked so hard to get them at the end?
Will Survival Hunters get poisons for their weapons?
Will there be a World Battleground event like Wintergrasp or Ashran?:0)
Will artifact appearances (when they become xmog only) be spec specific or just class specific.
01/26/2018 06:00 PMPosted by Adevi
why didn't you give the horde the ability to have dark iron dwarves and the alliance have the tauren or trolls instead of giving us the same race but with different names and somewhat different styles?

I would wager that the long term goal is that every race has a few alternate skins while overall still being the same base race. While it is only 3 races per faction right now each getting one additional skin, I think the day is coming where at least the 8 original races will have 2 to 3 additional skins with newer races having at least one.

I would still want to see other base races added in game over time (hello why did we befriend the Hozen and Jinyu if not to play them?), but sub-races give us more diversity without making the lore a total mess.
i would like to know with the 4 new subraces if we all ready have 50 toons on our account are you going to make it were we will get it raised to 54 per account or will we have to delete some of our toons to make the subraces as far as I can tell this has never been said
How the will traits on Azerite armor pieces work with switching specs?

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