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Darrowmere and Windrunner
Hi! I'm the guild lead for <The Ones Who Knock>, and our guild is looking for new Alliance guildies to join us on Windrunner. We raid H Antorus on Saturdays at 3 PT.

While all may not be cut out for heroic raiding, we give everyone a chance, and we also love having social guildies as well. Nothing is expected upon joining us beside having a friendly demeanor. Applicants should be able to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. We like to think of ourselves as a "casual" heroic raiding guild. We would be open to trying mythic raiding if and when we got a full team of highly skilled players, but we have no intention of moving up to that difficulty in the immediate future.

If you're looking for a truly friendly guild that has been around for over 5 years now, please let me know! Mail me in-game at Mundamor-Windrunner or reply to this post. Thanks!
I've been part of this guild for about as long as it has existed. We're welcoming to players of all skill-levels and give everyone a chance at completing higher-level content.

Our guild consists mainly of relaxed individuals who complete end-game content without introducing stress into the situation. We have lead pugs most every week for the entirety of legion, and full-cleared almost every time. Also, we have fun while doing so.

If you're looking for consistent, reliable,fun, stress-free raiding, then this is the guild to join.
Fairly new to the game, but I've known a couple guys from the guild for awhile now.

This is a good place to be if you're looking to avoid the stress that can come with more serious outfits, while still regularly progressing and completing content.

And even if you're not the greatest in any role, or new to the game (such as myself), we'd still love to be able to find like minded individuals to help create a community of respect away from pointless aggressors and trolls.
Gonna hit you guys up later this eve
HI everyone i am a dic priest looking to a place to hang out while i am playing on this toon as well as my main alts. Prot pally Holeyground, Feral druid Holeycub, and Marksmen hunter Holeybest. With my work seclude i don't think i can make raids but would love to have fun in mythic +. I would rely like to see if your guild is a please for me feel free to hit up any any of the toons able to talk.
Would be interested in joining as I can make most Saturday times. My paladin is not quite Heroic ready but getting there.

I do have a hunter with another guild who is geared and AOTC if you are short on dps. Primarily looking to gear up this toon up and start raiding with him.

Due to work commitments, I haven't been able to raid as much in my hunters guild but I can certainly help temporarily if you need ranged dps.

Hit me up in game if you have a spot.

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