[H] Frozen Doom 1/11M LF 3 DPS

Azuremyst and Staghelm
Frozen Doom is looking for DPS for our raid group.  We are a casual guild/semi casual raid group. Looking for mature people to push progression. Currently we need 3 DPS no shaman dps (we have 3 already).
Day/times: Tuesday, Wednesday & Monday  8pm-11:00cst (9pm-12:00 est).
Loot: RC Loot Council
voice coms:discord

 We request you have solid raid awareness and 90% attendance. Be able to give notice via discord if you are not able to raid on occasion. Must use or be willing to use addons (dbm,bigwigs,wa or tellmewhen)Research encounters and know your role in current raid content. Have Flasks/Consumables on hand for raid nights. For more info
realid Dalfina#1473
still looking
bump :P
Day/times: Tuesday, Wednesday & Monday 8pm-11:00cst (9pm-12:00 est).
Loot: RC Loot Council
voice coms:discord

Honey, if I were still raiding (in any actual level), I'd consider dragging this one or Twileki (you need no shaman so no Juju for you, you).

I pretty much retired last expansion.

But bumping this for you if you're still looking.

❤ juju

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