[H] 1/11m, 6/11m Mal'ganis S/S 7-10pmCST

Guild Recruitment
<Remnant> of Regency is looking for members for our Casual weekend Mythic team. Raid times are 7pm-10pm CST S/S. We got Hounds to 1.5% 2nd night. Led by 4 players who are 6/11M on their mains.

Current positions are open.

Recruitment Needs:
(If you see your class is listed as 'closed' or isn't listed, feel free to apply, as we take skill over class, this reflects our current needs)

Warlock: Open(high)
Druid: Balance
Paladin: Ret
Priest: Shadow(High)
Demon Hunter: Havoc
Hunter: MM BM
Mage: Closed
Death Knight: Frost(low)
Shaman: Elemental
Monk: MW(High), WW (w/BM OS pref)
Rogue: Open(High)
Warrior: Closed

We currently have a roster of 16 and 8 Trials. We hope to build a roster of 24 with 6 floating trials. We do not tolerate under performers and will bench them. Our goal is to be able to swap players in and out depending on the pulls/performance. Ideally we'd like you to have a blue parse or higher.

Apply at our website through discord http://www.regencyguild.com/recruitment/
Wastedmind: teteiyusu#1239
Darii: restodru1d#1598
Krazzymagus: CrazzyChris#1695
Rhaetorren: Era#1870

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