grrrr: My Cat Keeps jumping on my pc

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So my Cat who I love so very dearly is really trying my patience lately. She loves to jump on to my tower PC (gaming rig) when I am not around. Is there anyway I can keep her from doing this? I tried rubbing vicks vapo rub on the rims so if she gets close and smells it , she'll run away but the problem is I have to keep applying it. :(

I keep my PC off the floor (cause I'm a game) in case you were wondering :p
Best answer to this I ever saw was one my mom did to her cats.

She put little bits of scotch tape, sticky side up, all over her counters. When the cats jumped up there, the tape stuck to their paws.

Cats (or at least her cats) HATE that.

It took about a week of this and they stopped jumping up there altogether.

But, keep a video camera handy, because hilarity ensues. Trust me.

If you've never seen a cat attempt to keep all four feet off the ground at once while at the same time running away, it's worth it just for that.
i do have some double sided tape I can try but she has a habit when jumping off that she steps on the power button thus turning it on -.-
No, you don't want double sided.

You want something lightweight that will stick to her pads and she can't shake off easy.

Trust me on this.

I've seen it happen two times on visits. Cats are very touch averse to things sticking to their paws, especially when whatever it is stays with them as they run.
LOL! I can see her now getting really mad , but I am game for a little laugh and hopefully she learns this is a no no place for her to be.

Thank you!
In the short term (or maybe long), I highly recommend this as a technological solution:

Rock solid.

You disconnect your case from your motherboard for Power ON/OFF, HDD, Reset and plug this in instead, then run it through a custom panel slot thingamy to somewhere your cat won't walk (you could even drop it in a drawer if the drawer doesn't fit too snugly - the cord is about 30 inches long).
It's a little tricky getting squares of Scotch tape to lay sticky side up - but it's def worth it.

Get as close to 50% coverage of the top of the case as you can manage.

Toothpicks or tweezers help with placement.
there are some anti-scratch sprays that work miracles with my cats. THey wont even go near the areas. You could get some and use a qtip or cotton ball to manually apply it to non-critical areas and let it dry.
Omg so funny! XD

01/12/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Ehiztari
01/12/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Ehiztari

I think you mean this!
OMG same principle, but those are way bigger than the little pieces my mom used.

Still funny as heck, though.
Put spikes on the top of the case.

Or just leave it on. It's actually better that way:
I would trade it for a dog.
One of my most successful guild ads:

"Are you a cat person? We here at <Prodigals> are cat people too! You should join us and we can exchange recipes. BBQ Friday nights! BYOC."

Just sayin'. . . .
01/13/2018 05:29 AMPosted by Kybeorie
I would trade it for a dog.

If I had a house sure but one of the rules living in this condo is no large pets and I don't like little ankle biters. For me a Dog is a German Shephard or Black Lab.
01/12/2018 07:56 PMPosted by Segaface
Put spikes on the top of the case.

Or just leave it on. It's actually better that way:

In order for it to become a deterrent I would have to crank the fan speeds up to 50% or more, it runs practically silent otherwise so I don't think that would stop her.
Cats like high places, and they like to be near where you are. Try putting a cat tower next to the computer/desk to give her an alternative.\

Another possibility: they make cat bed attachments for computer desks. You can make your own also but there are several premade options.
01/12/2018 05:22 PMPosted by Connoisseur
01/12/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Ehiztari

I think you mean this!

So how's the hunt for unexpected piss/puke/poo going?

Those videos are hilarious i just wouldn't want to live with the cat afterwards.

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