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Guild Recruitment
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Hey there!
Area-52 is a PVE raiding wonderland, home to many mythic and cutting edge guilds. Area-52 is also home to some of the best PvP’ers and many High Warlords, and is one of the largest Horde dominated servers in the world. The auction house here has produced many gold capped players, where anything that can be sold is on the Area-52 auction house.

<Toast> is the largest and most active guild on Area-52 with multiple guilds and the biggest discord I’ve ever seen. We have a great unique-account ratio and an impressive number of members online at every hour of the day.

<Toast> has 14 raid teams at the moment at a variety of progression levels ranging from 6/11m Antorus AOTC to 11/11h Antorus. There’s a team for every raider and most schedules. So if you decide that Team 13 is not for you, then there are a lot of other options within Toast.

Team 13:
I am the raid leader for Team 13. I have been playing WoW since I was 14 when the game launched. I have been actively raiding for half my life, and I have loved every minute of it.

Team 13 is currently 6/11m with only *FIVE* lockouts in mythic!

We killed Imonar in 43 pulls!

My goal for Team 13 is the impossible: Fun and progression. I want to enjoy the time that I am raiding with my friends, while also pushing mythic content. I have only ever found this in one other raid team I have ever been on and it was also in Toast. I am hoping to recreate it with Team 13.

Please do not apply if you cannot handle a loud, boisterous environment where the memes are spicy, the jokes are lit, and the progression is dank.

Roles Needed:
DPS with tank OS: desire druid, monk, or dh
Healers: closed but accepting exceptional applicants
Tanks: closed but accepting exceptional applicants
DPS: any ranged dps; dh, rogue

Raid Times:
Friday/Saturday 9pm-12am Pacific (12am-3am Eastern)
Sunday 8pm-11pm Pacific (11pm-2am Eastern)

Applicant Requirements:
75 Points in MS weapon
955+ ilvl
3+/11m boss kills with logs for review
Relevant legendaries for your spec

The average age of our guild is late 20s to early 30s. We have a wide range of people from across the world who play in <Toast>. We have no guild drama (seriously), and everyone is constantly doing stuff with each other! Whether you prefer to spend your time as a hardcore mythic raider or chilling with Margoss fishing, there are friends for you to find in <Toast>.

<Toast> uses Discord constantly. People are usually hanging out in discord chatting with one another, starting groups for M+ or casual raids or anything from timewalking to t-mog runs to late night drunken PVP. Discord is where it’s at if you want to get integrated and find your people.
There’s always stuff to do in <Toast> and people online to play with! For more info, please check out our guild website: http://www.toastguild.com/

Who to contact:
* Talex: talex490#11500 (Raid Leader)
* Squeaky: squeakytoy#11788 (Team Lead)
* Zbti: zbtiqua#1368 (Team Lead)
* Ihealdrunk: ihealdrunk#1812 (GM)
Applicants should study this video before contacting me to apply.

Hiiiiiiiii Im interested am i good enough :)
If you are interested in applying to Team 13, please review this video:

Once viewed, please provide a critical analysis 5-7 pages in length, times new roman 12pt font in AMA format.

Thank you for your interest.
The above post had the wrong link. The correct one is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sagg08DrO5U
Come join in on the fun.
Hey Alex, have you heard about the new restaurant on the moon?
No, I haven't yet.
Great food, but no atmosphere.
I approve of this post.™
Talex, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck?
IDK Gwen, how much?
Hey Squeaky, what kind of key opens a banana?
Idk, what kind of key?
A monkey.
Hey Fal, did I tell you that I am terrified of elevators?
no you have not. whys that?
I'm taking steps to avoid them.
Hey Squeaky did I tell you I am going to have to sue the airline for losing my luggage?

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