Warsong Aces Call to Arms

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
With a myriad of fantastic personalities --The Warsong Aces endures!! Founded in 2005 by a rag tag group of lvl 19 twink pvpers . . . the guild has grown and evolved over the years.

We are currently raiding Heroic content with the aim of AOTC each tier.

There is no current PVP team. - We are not against building it. . but need your BLOOD, SWEAT, and ---SALTY TEARS to make that happen!!

The Aces are also very much into the Mythic Plus scene. Many of our members enjoy running groups of all capabilities. I know it is hard to get into a group if you don't have a sexy raider.io score. From Mythic 2- Mythic 22 . . we have the field covered. Hang out with us. Let's see how far we can push it!!

Heroic difficulty Raid Nights: Weds and Thurs 6-9 pm server
DPS Minimum -sustained: 950k -1m
Needs: strong healer/ warlock

Normal difficulty Raid Night: Sunday 6-9 pm server
DPS Minimum- sustained: 850k
Needs: open to whomever - great opportunity for new players looking to start raiding, as well as others wanting to gear up good alts.

Healers --Check in with Levie and we can see what you are made of. Would love a good Holy Paladin/ Resto Shaman

Sunday raid is also our Themed Transmog raid!! Here you can show off your best interpretation of that weeks theme-- and be judged for the WIN!!!!
Some times there are prizes from pets to mounts - to whatever I have in my bag!!! Either way - it has been quite a popular night throughout Legion.

Don't be shy or intimidated. We are a very inclusive guild that welcomes non raiding members as well as blood thirsty raiders. Send messages to Levie or Mishkar if you happen to see us online! Others to direct you efficiently are Usun, Rannpa, Bubsnaga, and Zipper.

The WARSONG ACES wants YOU!!!!
Bring your zany humor
Bring you biggest Axe.
- Bring your best transmog styles.
Let's keep our delightful community thriving - and
Solid group of people in Warsong Aces, if you're looking for a great group to start or continue raiding with, you can't go wrong here.
Hello Aces I too have been on this server a long time. I was part of the Earth Treaders guild back in BC. I was present here since 2 days after vanilla kicked off. I have several characters all lvl 110 ranging from tanks to DPS and Healers. I have 2 characters currently at 910 or higher an undead warrior and a HM tauren druid. I play a very small guild that does not raid currently they are decent folk that would understand my departure if I gave notice. I am interested in joining.

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