So, Green Fire.

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My warlock still uses it.
01/17/2018 08:07 AMPosted by Denàlo
:O expected a necro. Yes, yes i still use green fire. unfortunately i'm red/green colour blind so..../shrug

What's Christmas like to you?
Still have the green fire and title on. Watch green fire not get any visual updates when blizz finally gets around to doing the warlock's.
I sweated that scenario out til the last moment of the patch trying to get it done. Ain't never going back to red.
Yup, as well as the title. Orange fire for a Warlock in this game never made sense to me anyway. Never going back!
I turned mine off.

Simply, there was enough green fire in Legion without me adding more to it, and I wanted to stand out as not potentially having been corrupted by the Legion (so my party members wouldn't suddenly turn on me...).

I'll reconsider in BfA.

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