Why I like Silithus.

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What's this? An optimistic post in this miserable cesspool of soulsucking bitterness? Crazy, right?

No but seriously. With the recent release of 7.3.5, there's been a lot of talk about the fact that the Alliance initiates conflict around Silithus by killing Goblin workers.

I'm going to explain why I think the Alliance massacring those little booger people is a good thing.

Think about it - what is the most common criticism of the Alliance? They're too pure, too lawful good almost to the point of absurdity. Though I'd disagree with that, I think the Alliance often does bad things, the problem really lies with the fact that they're glossed over too hard by the narrative. But that's not the point.

The point is, fans of all factions have wished for the Alliance to get a little more interesting. Dip their toe into darker waters, without losing the core identity of the faction. And that's where Silithus provides.

Waltzing into a Goblin camp and slaughtering their miners is pretty bad, but think about it from SI:7's point of view. Azerite is important. As Sylvanas says, it will "change everything". It's clearly related to the giant sword sticking out of the planet, and one can feel it's raw power merely by touching it. Obviously, the Alliance can't let the Horde have carte blanche on this new powerful resources, so what are they to do? From the Alliance perspective, the Horde can't be trusted, and they can't be left alone with all this Azerite, so an attack is the only choice.

Now obviously, that's a biased point of view. Horde fans may disagree, and they should.

But that's not the point. The point is, it's the Alliance doing something shady, but with a practical and even somewhat reasonable (when you think about it from their perspective) cause to do so without coming off as mustache twirling !@#$%^-s. It's exactly what so many people have been asking for, and it's a way to start the war in Battle for Azeroth that doesn't paint either side as comically evil or drooling idiots. Just two opposing factions with a history of mistrust and hatred, fighting over a world-changing resources.

Did I just make a serious post? !@#$ing gross. I feel dirty inside.
You're all right, gnome knight. You're all right.
I agree!
Pretty much the thing I like about this the most is both sides have very valid reasons for their actions.

The Horde is very right to be angered by the murder of horde members without any direct provocation, particularly since we were both at peace effectively due to the fight with the legion.

However the Alliance quite rightly doesn't trust the Horde with the power its managed to find and knows if it doesn't act it puts itself at risk.

This carries forward too. Wether the Horde realise it or not, pursuing this path hands power to a person quite likely to abuse it if given the chance. Likewise, the Alliance taking action in such a way validates Sylvanas's desire for war with the other leaders giving her more leeway to act.

In both cases the actions of both parties only stoke the fires of war, pushing things closer to a conflict.

Its interesting to see the Horde leadership growing leery of Khadgar. After all, it is probably in the back of their minds that Khadgar was a great hero of the Alliance and the Kirin Tor he was part of did side with the Alliance in the last conflict.

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