Ele shaman or lock

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I think the question is, what do you want to Do? At what level of play are you into?

I really enjoy my shaman, great visuals not much in the way of competition for gear. I like to bg, and flinging meatballs and kiting is a lot of fun.

Locks are beasts right now but I would not base your choice on just that. Nerf bats to the top dps are not uncommon, so just keep that in mind. However, if you like the style and utility they bring, then they might be for you.
Elemental Shammies are fun but super squishy. Locks are currently enjoying some top dps status so be aware that they'll get nerfed if Blizz finds out.
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Tbh shaman class hall is one of my least favorite. I don't want to sit around on a wet rock.

It's better than the lock dark green jello/brown muck that is so much of this expansion though.

Uh, that's Fel and we get a planetoid, TYVM.
You should never base your decision on which class is performing better.

All classes will always be brought to raids. The only time that you should be concerned with performance when making a decision is if you are going for high level progression, which 98% of the player base isn't concerned with.

You should honestly role each class and decide for yourself what you enjoy most. Other people selling you on what to play isn't the right way to go about things, you have to make that decision on your on.
Im leaning towards demonology lock just because of the class fantasy
Just play both, equally. Thats what I do. I could never decide on which I like more
My metric is always how a class does solo. If you want to walk up to rares on Argus and stand there waiting for other people to come help, go shammy. If you want to solo them, go lock.

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