Stat Priority for BM?

Guides that I've read suggest that crit is the best secondary stat for BM hunters, but I've been told by multiple successful BM hunters in game that I should stack mastery until at least 60%+ and then focus on crit.

What is the current wisdom regarding BM and secondary stats?
Crit heavy builds only work with the stomp build. Mastery Haste Crit for Dire Frenzy which is what you're running. Switch to Bestial Fury from One with the Pack and Killer Cobra from AotB, it needs stomp build and legendary boots.
Also you're haste is extremely low and versatility is way to high. Gear with a lower ilvl but proper stats will do more for you than higher ilvl with the wrong stats

Edit: Noticed your only legendary is the Soul ring. Blink Strikes would probably be better option as One with the Pack doesn't really benefit Dire Frenzy build. Also Barrage is bad. Swap to crows

Some good guides can be found here:

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