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Hello everyone,

I've recently returned to the game from a 2+ year break. I have always aimed to raid semi seriously, in MoP i was 13/14H before i took a break. I really enjoy raiding and always look to preform to the best of my ability by min maxing everything and preparing properly before raid nights.

All this being said I understand that it is late in the game and I am not expecting to jump into a heroic/mythic guild. My Current item level is 919 and climbing although it has slowed.

I am looking for a raid group progressing through normal that would like to tackle heroics.

My ideal raid times are going to be any Mon-Fri start time no earlier than 9pm Pacific and end time is irrelevant. Sat and Sun I am available at almost any time.
Hello Friend,
Going to try and keep this nice and short.

Dysfunctional Family - Sargeras [A]

3/11M Antorus.

8-11pm EST Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Most of our raiders have raided top 100+. We are a fun and active group who value having a good time with each other. I am very interested in talking to you as we have an immediate opening. =)

Our goal as a guild for Antorus is Cutting edge Mythic.

Valz#1832 ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ

Hello potential new raider! We would be willing to help gear you and see how you go. This is for our heroic only team

R.S. heroic raid team T/W: 11/11H
1 healer pally/priest preferred

When recruiting we do not recruit toons, we recruit people. People that will thrive in the community we have been building for 3 years. I look forward to chatting with you, and below is some basic information about the people who require supervision.

Guild: Requires Supervision
Server: Turalyon
Faction: Horde
Realm: PVE
Progression: 11/11H 3/11M

Mythic days and times: Monday/Thursday
8-11 EST PST friends 5-8 and Central 7-10

Heroic days and times: Tuesday/Wednesday
8-11 EST PST friends 5-8 and Central 7-10

Anyone interested in joining Requires Supervision can contact me at Ladie#1111 or Breytak#11321 or find us in game.

Animosity is a new guild forming a raid team that plans to go realm first and top US. Our core leadership has years of top raiding experience. We raid Saturday and Sunday 7pm Est. We could use another solid healer.

Add me on Strixx#1136 to learn more and ask questions. You wont regret it.

Hey Eràdin,

ChiChi #1875 Here! I know your Horde and all but why not give Alliance a shot. Since you just got back after a 2 year break you might like it never know? Give it a shotWe here at <Presidential Status> would love for you to come check us out. We are a totally chill weekend raiding guild just looking for more people to have fun with. We Raid and Mythic+ in current content. We are currently 10/11N for Throne. Starting Herioc's soon. We love teaching and don't care about levels, we will get you to where you should be. If the help is needed of course.

Voice Chat: Discord-https://discord.gg/knxBg8

Raid Times: Saturday 7:30PM <Central> Sunday or Monday 7:30 <Central>
Personal Loot System!!

Thank you for considering us :smiley: Hope to speak to you soon!
Hi alittle about my guild and if u can do fri/sat i think our weekend team maybe a fit for u~

<Spellbound> 9/11H 11/11N on Ghostlands (PvE) is a progression focused guild who are dedicated to clearing content 3 nights a week on our weekday team and 2 days on our weekend team. Looking for raiders, Mythic+ & social players. We are looking for raiders who are reliable, active, show up on time, have a strong understanding of their class/spec, are willing to improve, who are thorough in preparation & are focused during the raid. We are willing to help gear players up as well as help them out with research of their class/spec.

Raid Schedule:
Weekday Team: Tues / Wed / Thurs 7pm – 10pm CST
Weekend Team: Fri / Sat 8pm – 11pm CST

Come join us
Battle Tag:
Juicykisses#1306 (recruiter)
Bentz#11930 (gm/rl)
Ewok#11443 (co ast gm/rl)

visit spellbound-ghostlands.enjin.com.
"Enlightened-Firetree" is a friendly, adult, semi-casual guild. Our goal is to clear all heroic content, and to progress into mythic content. We love to joke around with each other, but we can focus when necessary. Looking for those last few dedicated players to help us start mythic progression!

Raid Times (EST):
Saturday 8pm-12am
Sunday 8pm-11pm

Current Progression:
Antorus – 11/11N & 11/11H (as of 1/13)
Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9N & 9/9H
Nighthold - 10/10N & 10/10H & 3/10M
Trial of Valor - 3/3N & 3/3H
Emerald Nightmare - 7/7N & 7/7H

Recruitment Needs:
Healer – Paladin, Disc Priest
DPS: Mage, Shaman, Demon Hunter, Boomkin, Rogue

PVP - Firetree is also merged with Drak'Tharon, Malorne, Rivendare, Spirestone & Stormscale
Note: It's a really mellow PVP realm.

BTag: Avralynia#1876
Discord: Av#5252
Website: www.enlightened.wowlaunch.com
Hello and welcome to The Bloodborn recruitment thread! A Horde guild!

The Bloodborn is currently a Heroic raiding guild that is trying to break into Mythic progression raiding. We have a talented core and are very enthusiastic about raiding, but unfortunately we lack the numbers to attempt Mythic.

A little history: The Bloodborn is a guild that has been around since The Burning Crusade. We started on the server Lethon, and transferred to Illidan at the start of Warlords in an effort to find more players on a high-pop server.

We have earned AOTC during every raid tier this expansion (and before!). We are a close knit guild who help boost keys every week, PvP together, and do achievement hunting and much more.

We are willing to help people gear up for the tier. Voice is optional, but we use Discord and will require you at a minimum to listen.

Guild Needs:

Off Tank
2 Healers (Priest/Shaman/Druid(preferred))
DPS (Range preferred)

Raid Times
Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 12:30am-3:30am Eastern Time.

Contact Info
Battle Tag- Vengente#11907 (Guild Leader)
Battle Tag- Berd#11168 (Guild Officer)
Battle Tag- Khrispy#1471 (Guild Officer)
Hello Eradin

We are a new guild looking to expand and get into raiding. I will leave guild spam below. Hope to hear from you.

Hello, we are The Hangout.

We are a new Mature Casual Raiding Guild on Whisperwind, I know it is late in the xpac to try and start a new raid team, but I believe there are folks out here that would like to start from something fresh as we move towards a new xpac.

We are not looking to be server first, we just would like a group of friendly people that can raid together, kill some bosses get loot and most importantly, to have fun in the process. That is who we strive to be as a guild.

The Juicy Part, LOL.

We raid only 4 hours a week, We raid Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. Central Time. Food, flask and repairs are provided during raids. We will only be raiding normal and Heroic and using personal loot. We will strive to get AOTC for every raid during a xpac. The four of us that put this guild together has AOTC for all raids in Legion, so we do have experience when it comes to raids.

I could keep going , but wow is a social game and I believe chatting over voice is so much better the reading a guild spam.

So reach out to Livelife#11793 to chat.

We are need of Healers and ALL DPS.

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