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So I've not had internet for 3 weeks. Broken trunk apparently. ISP is sending a dongle to tether with 100gb data on it.

I'm curious if anyone has updated info on how much data per hour wow uses, what difference in latency I should expect, if any, and what kind of issues I'd have if I tried to run Discord with it while WoW is connected.

I'm hoping to be able to rejoin my raid team, as I have no idea how long this is going to take to fix. They told me the 22nd but since they're delayed on a lot of stuff with the absolute beast weather we've had up here, I'm expecting a text saying "Yeah, we have another delay."

Thanks in advance. I know it's not optimal but I'm going through withdrawals lmao.
WoW only uses maybe 4-5kbs so as long as you're not streaming tons of video or doing massive downloads you should be fine.
I used to live in the sticks and could only use a Verizon 3G dongle and I was limited to 5GB per month. WoW by itself never came close to that and I played all the time.
Atency will depend on distance to the tower, signal strength that the LTE modem is capable of, and how congested the tower is.

When i tether through my phone, i usually land in the 50-70ms area (compared to 10-15ms on Comcrap, when it isnt down). Totally playable. 3G will be a bit higher (was in the 100-150ms range when we lived in the styx and had to use a 3G modem).
01/17/2018 05:09 PMPosted by Kagthul
compared to 10-15ms on Comcrap, when it isnt down
On my best day with fiberoptic to a hub in the alley behind my house, I don't see better than 40ms and I usually sit at between 45 and 55ms.

That's pretty good.
Alright, thanks.

Considering I'm playing OCE from EU I guess I'll see how the latency is when it gets here.
I am seeing 25-26ms quite often. I am on time warner spectrum cable and live in a very good area though.
Update, my latency on this thing is 20ms lower than on my DSL connection was..... wth lol.

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