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I am aware that the whole Balance theme that they’ve been going for since Vanilla isn’t going to change just because I feel weird about it but I have to ask.

What’s the deal? What I’ve always gathered from Druids is that they’re all about Life magic. You know like flora and fauna. How does celestial solar/lunar power fit into that?

I know, I know, “Elune”. But all the signs are pointing to Elune and Anshe being Light beings, not Druidic beings.
The “priests” of Elune. The fact that Elune is believed to be a Naaru. Elune having something to do with the ordering of Light and Shadow. Anshe being the power behind the Tauren Paladins.

And then they’re using all this Arcane magic. I mean what’s up with that? You see all those “Astromancers” that use the same kind of celestial Arcane magic. Which makes sense because the Titans are Arcane beings that are from space and use space power. Also, Night Elves (who along with Tauren made Druidism) are very against Arcane magic. The Highborne are really looked down upon for it.

So now Balance Druids are these weird Druid/Light Priest/Mage combos. Again, I know it’s not going to completely change but wouldn’t it have been so much cooler if Balance Druids were all about Nature/Plant based attacks? Like more stuff like entangling roots.
I think Balance druids should be more based on the entanglement of the themes of the Light and Life magic.
Less arcane, more Light-based, although some celestial arcane leftovers would do fine. "The Fire of An'she!" and "The Light of Elune!" these should be the focus of the Tauren and Nightelven Balance druids.
Elune has just as much association with arcane as she does with Light, via the Well of Eternity, moonwells, and things like the priestess council fight in Tomb doing arcane damage. I don't see a problem there.

I do miss Insect Swarm. What I'd do is keep the lunar stuff but replace the solar stuff with plant/animal. Make Wrath green again, replace Sunfire with Insect Swarm.
I miss being a nature wizard.
Balance druids get their powers from Elune (Moon powers), Azeroth (Arcane powers), and The Unnamed Sun God (Sun powers). OBVIOUSLY.
01/16/2018 02:07 PMPosted by Threeslotbag
Balance druids get their powers from Elune (Moon powers), Azeroth (Arcane powers), and The Unnamed Sun God (Sun powers). OBVIOUSLY.

We've transcended petty religion and make all the deities give us their powers.

Eat your heart out, priests.
The balance druid thematic has evolved substantially since vanilla. Wrath was at one point just a green bolt that was akin to a concentrated magical blast of natural energy, Sunfire is really just a modern iteration of what was Insect Swarm, etc. Balance druids were balancing the powers of nature and the arcane in a manner which could have been reflective of a desire within Cenarion druidism to preserve the use of some forms of arcane magic (of the more natural variety like ley and from divine sources like Elune) which wouldn't be covered under the ban that occurred after the Quel'dorei exile. The themes of the arcan'dor are reminiscent of what the older design of balance was oriented toward.

And all of that being said, I think that theme exists, it's just more nuanced now with a design shift towards the celestial thematic; the current iteration of the balance druid is somewhat like a dichotomy within a dichotomy. The dualism between arcane and nature still exists, with most of their support skills falling in the nature category and their offensive spells falling predominantly in the arcane category (with sunfire/wrath being nature for in-game balancing purposes).

The offensive category and the lunar/solar dichotomy is obviously drawing inspiration from the shared celestial cultural motifs found within night elf and tauren society. Lunar spells correlate to Elune; Solar correlate with An'she. This dichotomy seems to draw inspiration from tauren mythology and the equivocal balance between the eyes of the Earth Mother. Star spells are a bit vague, but may have some inspiration from the night elves self-perception and origin. The night elves refer to themselves as children of the stars, born on the land of Eternal Starlight, and have a predisposition for nocturnalism, all of which lends itself to the possibility that astromancy may be considered a spiritual domain and thus an acceptable cultural practice that carried over into druidism. It could have even been a religious remnant from an earlier point in their history. The celestial thematic really just seems to be a syncretic blend of night elf and tauren cultural and religious themes.

It's also worth to note that before the Warcraft RPG books were deemed non-canonical, arcane was divided into a corruptive/synthetic category and a uncorruptive/natural category. Arcane magic was also viewed in a sort of geometric fashion; magic that sought to bend the arcane against the natural order to suit one's own ends was seen as corruptive, because it interrupted the natural flow of arcane across the world into unnatural shapes, where as magic which followed the flow of arcane (like those used by runemasters) was seen as inherently uncorruptive, because it didn't invoke hubris and it instead adapted to the natural shapes that the flow of magic across the world assumed, instead of trying to force them into shapes which suited the caster. There may be some lingering inspiration for the distinction of what constitutes the sort of arcane magic that balance druids use from this earlier conception.

As the arcan'dor arc in Suramar progressed, the more I personally began to see balance druids as the cultural descendant and successor of whatever clerical tradition dominated night elf society prior to the rise of the Highborne and the decline of the common use of nature magic. It's possible that whatever practice existed at that time fringed during the stratification of night elf society and then went extinct, only to be revived as a tradition within druidism after the Sundering.

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