110 character boost stuck

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Same thing here.
ditto !
that is !@#$ing annoying !!!!!!!
back to monster hunter.....
This sucks got home from work saw i could preorder bought it hoping i could play right away and now i have to wait, this is stupid.
RIP the dream of having the 110 Void Elf. Guess we'll have to wait.
Really annoying but typical
Same. all i want to do is gear up my nightborn shadow priest :(
My boost is stuck as well now for 2 hours

Sorry to be the downer but I submitted my boost request over 5 hours ago and still nothing ;(

Same here, been stuck for a few hours now. :(
Same issue here.
boosted my night borne warlock...still processing/only showing level 20. Relogged and it says processing again.
same symptoms
2 hrs so far
where is blizz Q_Q?
Just tried to boost my troll shaman same issue :(
Tried boosting my 100 orc warlock. Didnt work, having the same issues you guys are having.

Sucks man...
Same issue.
Posted in the wrong thread, woops. Having the same issue. It's been about 2 hours now.
same issue here, got worried it might have just been me and I did something wrong, relieved I'm not the only one! but still kinda bummed this is an issue just like last preorder for Legion. /shrug

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