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Hydraxis and Terenas
Well as the title says I'm looking for a guild, I want to raid and do mythics. I'm currently working on switching and gear up my hunter for the rest of this expansion and next expansion. But I've down normal Antoris and the first 2 bosses of heroic Antoris on my windwalker monk. It's current Item level is 946 but as I said I'm looking to change mains. Any questions or comments please feel free to leave a message and I'll check back.
Sorry for the delayed response, I don't know if you are still on the market but if sooo then..... We're always looking to add more quality people to our team, we are currently 3/11 Mythic and we do heroic farm runs to help gear new people. If you are interested you should get in touch with me in game or check out our website at outofexile.guildlaunch.com wish you all the best in your search.

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