A few questions

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Hello all, Have just a few questions.
1] Never really RP much before and never on WoW, Don't really see much of this on feathermoon, and would like to get into this some. any info on this would be great.

2]The guild im in is small, were mainly a bunch of RLF that play together, a few of us play more than others but it is hard to get in any mythical dungeons and I have never done a mythical raid that I can recall. with this said, a few of us would like to group up and meet some kool people to run with, were all cut ups who like to goof around and have fun, were all older guys in our 30's or better, hate getting in groups of elitist pricks...but yeah

So i guess main questions are how is the RP and would like to get in to some if possible and 2, if any cool people are out there, would like to group up to do some mythical. thanks for the time.

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