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Wrath 4

I think it needs some fine tuning, but otherwise good.
Cata 5. I've been waiting impatiently for these changes.
bc; 5
Surprised this thread is still here lol. Op does realize polls, petitions, and what not are frowned upon.
Late BC - 4. Leveling needed to be revamped after the last stat squish. However, I DO NOT agree with the crazy nerfs to heirlooms and the stealth removal of XP pots.

I'm going to split my vote:

Quest and mob level scaling: 5
Difficulty increase (mob health buff, heirloom Nerf, etc): 1
Cata, 4.5
01/17/2018 01:57 PMPosted by Amarlly

I'm going to split my vote:

Quest and mob level scaling: 5
Difficulty increase (mob health buff, heirloom Nerf, etc): 1

I feel very much the same you do, except I have to add
They didn't scale it so I could stay in Wrath until 100, because I absolutely hate WoD!
TBC : 2.

The level scaling is good. Being able to stay in around the same area from 1-60 is incredible. If I were to split the vote, that's an instant 5.

The issue is the mob buffs and player nerfs. That's not fun.
Vanilla, 4.

Returning player after a long break (quit in WotLK). Just started playing again a week ago, so I can immediately compare the 80-90 leveling pre- and post-patch. My alts have a mix of questing greens/blues and old LK epics, no heirlooms.

I like:
-being able to choose different paths to leveling, so I'll take one alt to 90 thru Cata zones, and another thru Pandaria.
-Regular mobs taking more than 2 dots to kill (my shadow priest would see Shadow Word: Death flash on my bar, but the mob would die before I could hit the key)
-being able to complete the storyline in a zone, and still get good xp for it

Might be overtuned:
-some of the elite mobs are a lot harder to kill and survive.
My priest had issues today with 2 quests - The Firelord (killing Ragnaros: in fact I met another player in the instance who said he'd been trying to kill him for 2 hours before I showed up), and The Protectors of Hyjal (Molten Front daily, killing 6 elites with npc help).
No cus polls get boted
Early BC - 1.

Explaining why just feels like beating a dead horse at this point. I love dungeons. Dungeons now suck. Not because they're difficult—they're not—but because they take an incredibly long time to complete even with a fantastic group.
01/17/2018 10:37 AMPosted by Irenika
Vanilla, 3.

Not out-leveling zones is good. More choice in leveling path is good.

Mob HP increases and XP/level increases, not so much. Doesn't make questing more challenging; does make it more tedious IMO for those who have walked those paths before.

BC, 3

This. I farmed all my heirloom gear for no reason if I can't quickly kill mobs, I did some on ptr, and didn't mind it but today when I hopped on my level 60 lock and went to Northrend I got bored kinda quickly at Vallience keep. I will still do it, but if I wanted to grind the mobs I'd just wear the quest reward gear they give us and not my looms.

I may be a wrath baby but I love not one shotting things and getting fancy loots from chests in the world.
Vanilla, 1
01/17/2018 10:26 AMPosted by Kali
This might be interesting and informative. Can we, without editorializing, post what expansion we started playing in and rate the new lvling system 1-5?

I'll start: Cata, 3.

Vanilla, 5
Vanilla, mob scaling 5, xp per kill and in dungeons 2, nerfing heirlooms so they are just quest greens -3.
paid way to much gold to get all the heirlooms to lvl 110 only to have them nerfed into the dirt.
BC - 2, Scaling is cool, all the changes that makes it a much longer process to hit max level is where it really falls short for me. I have leveled plenty of characters to max current content. highest amount of characters at max level at once time was in pandaria where I had 27 characters between US and EU at 90. I personally have no desire for a longer leveling process, as it makes it tedious to make a new character. For me I see this as a marketing scheme by blizzard to make the 60 dollar boosts more enticing. If they don't fix the experience gain rates I can tell you for sure it is without a doubt a ploy to get more 100 boost purchases.
Vanilla - 2

Loses points for the nerfs, though I don't mind the mob health and love the scaling. It gets a plus for still being massively faster than vanilla's speeds.

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