Sul'thraze The Lasher Level Scaling

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With the new changes in effect, I was wondering how the creation of Sul'thraze the Lasher would scale as well.
Since you're able to obtain 2 different levels for Sang'thraze and Jang'thraze I don't really know how the creation would work, would it go based off the higher level item, lower level item, or remain at level 44 like it has been prior to the update?
The item you are creating is just a level 44 two-handed sword, nothing more, nothing less. The items you get to make it, however, scale on level.
If you obtain both the parts at lvl60 and them combine them, you'll get a lvl60 sword.

Saw a lvl60 paladin with it the other day.

I assume it just works off of the level you combine them, so if you combine a level 45 sword and a level 55 sword while you're at level 57, it will become a level57 sulthraze.

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