7.3.5; Armory Displaying Char Ach Points

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As of today's patch to 7.3.5, the Armory no longer displays achievement point totals based on the total account-wide value visible in-game.

Instead, it only shows character-specific point totals, despite showing the account-wide achievement progress; even when "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" is unchecked.

Here is a character that I have not logged into yet as of the patch, which is still displaying the then-correct, account-wide achievement point total (total points went down due to achievement changes, but is reflecting the in-game, account-wide total):

For reference, this is what it would look like if I *DID* toggle on the Display Only Character Achievements to Others.

The point value is still incorrect, but much closer to the intended amount. I'm guessing this is because it hides actual account-wide (blue border) achievements, but still gives my character point credit.

(Also worth noting that the value from the armory is still slightly inaccurate versus the in-game total, despite me making multiple in-depth reports since the initial achievement desync bug from 5.2, but that's another problem that's probably never going to get addressed.)
When do you plan on rectifying this blizzard ?
02/05/2018 10:38 AMPosted by Khayra
When do you plan on rectifying this blizzard ?
They won't tell us. They'll get around to it when they get around to it.

What has me scratching my head is that this character is showing far fewer achievement points than my Demon Hunter. Never mind that this is my first character and the one on which I do almost all achieves first, or that the Demon hunter is less than two years old and has done practically no achieves that I haven't already done on numerous characters.

I used to love chasing achieves, but it seems like a waste of time now that I can't even be sure which characters have what.
Achievements are a mess... Your full total doesn't show in guild rankings either which I've always disliked.

I think it would be simplest if all achievements were account wide, but still have those stamps that show which of your characters actually did it.

We have achievements like Proven Assailant which doesn't stamp which character you did it on - which I would like to know when I bother to look at the hardest things someone has done. And then we have stuff like /love a bunch of critters which is just for fun but it tracks which character you did it on. It's backwards.
As you can see my character is showing 20,205 achievement points. My in game points show 20,230 today. My guild tab in game shows 9455 points. The armory was close to the 20k points until I had a hard drive crash and had to reinstall wow. My armory achievement points now show 9455. My in game still shows 20,230. I thought they updated the armory weekly but this has been like this for 2 weeks.
Would like to see an answer with the devs for this one.
I didn't just collect all these achievement points for them not to be displayed, fix it else I won't bother anymore.
I've been scratching my head over this. I didn't recall changing any setting away from showing account wide achievements, but suddenly it looks like all my characters just show character specific achievements. It's a little annoying.
still waiting for them to address this
Wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't get fixed until they do their usual pre-expansion update to the website/forums.
Forums show my total, armory page does not. In guild area it doesn't, but my achievement window it does.

Mines more drastic I think. 3k vs 13/14k? That's a fair bit of a jump.
Bump...Still not working in Guild and when you click on Amory.
still broken bliz :P

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