Need Chill Metaguild for BfA?

Draenor and Echo Isles
If you play only one faction you will miss half of the game content in BfA, period. I have a guild called <The Hobos> as Alliance on Garrosh and Horde on Draenor/Echo Isles so I/we can play together no matter which faction we play. I had existing Horde Draenor characters and wanted to level a Forsaken with the new questing system BEFORE Horde loses Undercity and I didn't really want to go Horde on my own server, so I'm getting folks to join <The Hobos> here with alts and level whichever they want.

Think about it -- three classes will be unavailable if you only play one faction. A whole continent will be unavailable to you and half of the game's questline. I realized this with Legion when I ran up a Horde DH and saw Sylvanas get named Warchief and it sucked me into the story so much more, especially because of the added depth to the character of Sylvanas given Alleria's arrival on the scene and the insane conversation THAT is gonna be, if not flat-out confrontation. Alleria sounded PISSED when she heard her sister now led the Horde...

So, I'm personally having a blast. although the Horde guild is not terribly active yet and the Alliance guild is not capable of doing more than PUGs together yet. That said, we have a blast, love to play together, and have an RP feel because we mog trashy, /lie-in around major cities (preferably vomiting or trashed, or dancing on the AH stage naked). We're looking to grow so I thought I'd list on Enjin, and on here, and see what happens.

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