Be Raptor quest in Stranglethorn bugged

When I try and do this quest, as soon as I try to "warp" to inside the raptor I am disconected from the game.
Same issue, I managed to get to the first raptor Tan'Shang, but cannot stay logged on long enough for any more. #BOOTCITY
Oct 05

Same for me , I try and complete quest and then i get disconnected . So close to finishing it. Please fix this issue. Thank you.
I just did the quest a couple of days ago with no issues, so it's not something that's happening to everyone. You may want to report in in the bug forum along with information about the character and the system your gaming on.

You may also want to try to do a scan and repair. Sometimes corrupted files can cause disconnects. (Choose scan and repair from the options menu that's under the World of Warcraft logo on the WoW page of the App.)

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