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Haven't played since wrath need a helpful guild! Just hit 110 have no gear or friends and world quests are just hard to solo with no gear.
*** Bush Wookies - Illidan ~ Horde [us]*** (9/11 Heroic Antorus) Is it my imagination or is every guild looking for raiders? We at Bush Wookies are looking for something different (If you can raid, that's just a bonus!)

We are looking for those casual's who are looked down upon by the masses! We are looking for Social butterflies, those people who want to login and laugh and have a fun time! We are looking for achievement mongers who love doing what has rarely been done before!

If you have questions, we are a completely safe and inclusive guild who believe that no question is beneath us! If you desire to learn your class or the game and want help, we are there in your walk every step of the way.

Great players are not built only on numbers, they are built on how well they can raise people up around them! We have no tolerance for elitists, e-peeners or rageaholics!

Bush Wookies has been around since week 1 of WOW without any breaks. Our success is achieved because of our people! We treat our guild like a village, everybody from top to bottom has a roll and if you are still reading this we would love to have you join us!

Our Guild Leader, Throbster's btag is kotik1974#1173 or mine, Stylepoints#1838, recruitment officer. Hit us up there or leave me a message here with your questions or info.

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