It’s hard to make friends in wow 2017-2018

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Everything changed when they opened up cross server play, both for better and for worse.

The good was that the queue times for BG's dropped significantly (more players in the pool). The bad was that your server suddenly did not matter anymore.

Before then there were players and guilds with serious rep, and you saw them, got to fight them sometimes. Your rep meant something. If you were capable at your class word got around. It was like a small town, with all the good and the bad that small towns are.

Now I play anonymously. If I had more time I would raid with my guild and get to know them in discord, but I'm fine playing solo. I cannot commit to a schedule, so I just do my own thing.
I tend to play alone. The people I played with have all moved on. If anyone on Sargeras US wants to play together, I'll play with them.
Making and retaining friends requires effort on both sides.
Broadcast what kind of person you are, who you are trying to attract. I don't mean that in a romantic sense, I mean in a kindred sense.

If you want to meet someone cool to play with, as an example, be nice in an instance run.

Say Hello! Make jokes. If no one says a thing, they, (perhaps all 4), are very likely to not be your type. When I am in the mood to make acquaintances, and in some rare cases, friends, I put out there what I am trying to draw in. When you're friendly, you draw in friendly.

I recently did a run on my monk, was friendly with a priest, they messaged me after, and I have been playing with them for the last 3 days.

Not all runs will you find like minded people, very few, actually, but keep at it! There are a lot of gems out there. Quite a few that are truly great people. Like today... Drake of the North Wind dropped for her earlier and she just gave it to me after our instance run. She didn't own the rare mount, but she wanted me to have it. People like that are out there.
Friends in WoW only last as long as you're doing the same activities. Every "friend" I've made leveling an alt quickly tapers off when they hit max level and usually raid or PvP, neither of which I do.

I managed to find one guild since I started playing in Feb '05 that wasn't ruined by jerks. Had a great time with them all through Wrath, but by Cata most had gone their separate ways and that was that.
People are just weird nowadays..I had guy in my guild for several months that never spoke in guild chat..never got on discord..we always asked him to run things with us and never got a response. So he leaves the Guild and I asked him why and he says he wanted a more active Guild..makes no sense at all. And we are not vulgar or anything like that.. so I just don't understand the way some people think. And it's like pulling teeth to get ppl on discord other than my officers "I don't have a mic" lmao
Blame the easily offended crowd.
09/04/2018 03:17 AMPosted by Dayanara
And it's like pulling teeth to get ppl on discord other than my officers "I don't have a mic" lmao

This sentiment I can understand on the other side, though. I am not the loquacious type. I am not someone that can produce an endless stream of words. I have always been a more attentive listener than a speaker, and it's not out of an antisocial nature that I don't speak much. I just generally don't speak unless it's meaningful, or an attempt to make a joke. I've lost the interest of a few people that press for constant communication, so I tend to keep it to text, unless they are someone that loves to talk uninterrupted, or the few that don't seem to mind the moments where I don't have much to add.

The guy you're describing doesn't sound friendly in general though. It seems you suffered no loss with his departure. With the advent of LFG, server merges, and various other QoL changes, the social aspect of WoW began to dissolve around us. It feels terrible playing while viewing other players more as props than as conscious entities. This is easily reflected in the radio silence runs that are commonplace in LFG, or competing for interactive quest markers.
You guys can add me Krissie#1600 I am friendly and looking for wow friends LOL!!
I have to agree here. This MMO isn't what it used to be. Maybe change is good and I am just too old to change anymore.
I turn 49 November. I don't feel that old. But I FEEL that old. I am semi-retired now so I play a lot. I did find a really nice guild on Alliance. Most the folks I met are nice. Maybe in time we can form a bond. But other than that there is little to no interpersonal communications happening. LFG LFR all desensitized that. Oddly enough i love having LFR and LFG. just not at the loss of having fun and chatting it up while we do it.

What are some suggestions for Blizzard to possible remedy this?
10/29/2018 01:31 AMPosted by Alienshadow
What are some suggestions for Blizzard to possible remedy this?

they can't change people's mentality.. the internet is full of tools to be connected if people dont reach out..

- they don't really care about you
- they have something else to do
- they have better friends at what they do (m+ etc etc)
- they just really dont want to talk
- they don't want to read or hear problems from other people
and the list goes..

blizzard already doing what they can here with communities and guilds.. discord is another extra tool to add..
most of the "friendships" u make on wow aren't real friendships anyway
hell most of the friendships IRL aren't real friendships either
You really need to find a guild with people that doesn't annoy you. Which can be really hard these days. I've yet to find one.

Like the guy above said wow friends aren't real friends, nowhere near.

If you do find a guild with nice people, let me know please.
01/12/2018 04:51 AMPosted by Dliver
Casual PvP was utterly destroyed, torpedoed, harpooned, butchered, obliterated, I can't even express how many adjectives it deserves for the horrendous ruining of casual PvP they did in Legion. When tower WQs against NPCs start looking like a super-great alternative to actual PvP, you know they dun screwed up unbelievably. And killing casual PvP killed another social aspect of the game.

Which was a total shame, casual PvP used to be a hoot with a bud or two. Then it became all premades, which destroyed it. It's not fun at all when you're just being farmed.

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