7.3.5 login issues

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I've seen a lot of friends online. When I tried to login, I had an issue with a black screen appearing, and taking forever to load characters. Once the characters loaded though.. I'd click on one, and go through the loading screen, just to be pushed back to the character screen, and a pop up tell me, "Character not found". I've restarted my PC, and all that. I don't know if this is an issue with Blizzard, or not?

Anyone else having this issue?
Same Issue
I am also having the same issue with mine.
Same issue here...
Same here.
Same here.
same, sadface. all these issues- no fixes?
Starting to think I was losing my mind.. sucks :/ seeing all the others signing in!
I've read on certain posts talking about deleting specific files in the WoW folder. I'm not comfortable on wanting to try that though.
same issue here
Same, char not found
Same problem here. Long load for character screen, then once I pick one and try to get in another long load; usually about 80- 90% finished... but then kicked back out with error 'character not found'.
I'm having the same issue with my login.
Same issue.
i did restart my pc, and find this, and its work.... https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/34721

Please continue the discussion in Tech Support, this is not a CS issue
The posted 'fixes' did not work for me.

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