+Spanish Inquisition+ LF YOU!

Eitrigg and Shu'halo
What's your raiding schedule moving forward. I can only join on weekends :(
Vileeya, if you are interested in joining us, please whisper myself (Tiger-Shu'halo or Rollo#11613) or the GM (Cathasaigh-Shu'halo) in-game. We had over 100 guild members simultaneously online last night so we are still finalizing the logistics of our raid teams (how many, what times, how many days, etc.). I cannot guarantee there will spots available on our weekend team.
Im looking to raid again this Expac and wondering if you can use a DPS that knows how to do mechanics and sim :)

I already added you guys to my friends list. I'll try and contact you tomorrow
Welcome to the guild, Islandsteve and Vileeya! Glad to have you both.
To the top! Our guild is off to a great start in Uldir; our three teams are 1/8M+6/8H, 3/8H+8/8N, and 6/8N. We have something for someone of every skill/gear level in our guild. We're always looking for more quality people to join us!

Our guild's Mythic Taloc kill (on the third pull), set to great music: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/310764500
Mythic Mother down!

Mythic Zek'voz is dead!

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/321990659 - no audio because Twitch is mean; play your favorite song while you watch.
To the top!
Bump! The big social experiment we tried to undertake in July did not work out so well, to put it bluntly. We are still the same guild we've always been (around 20-40 people online every night), just a lot lighter on the trolling and toxicity that was bringing our guild down. We are still looking for raiders and casual players alike; we have two raid teams, one progression-oriented, and one for newer raiders.

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