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This may be stating the obvious, but an expansion based around or simply pushing Pvp will likely compete with WoD. What do I mean by this? I mean that it'll be a massive failure and alienate a vast amount of the audience simply due to the fact that

A. World PvP is a joke that is already meaningless due to the toggle and the truth that ilvls are God.

and B. PVP can't work in WoW nor does the player base actually want it to. The subtle complexities of each class damns pvp content to tedium as there is zero fashion to reward skill while keeping all classes actually playable in PvP, let alone more than half. While if they even ATTEMPTED to create a skill based environment, the majority will be in uproar as the ability pruning needed for such would be utterly immense, otherwise specific specs. or abilities will viciously decimate the content.

tl;dr A PvP expansion cannot work
It's not a PVP expansion, don't worry my little fairy.
we're going to fight and piss off an old god. lets be real.

This is as much of a PVP expansion as mists of pandaria was.
Hopefully the devs are too busy looking at fan art of D.Va. to worry about PvP in BfA.
Uh, I don't think it will be a PVP only expansion. There will certainly be plenty of things to do that aren't PVP. Also, I like PVP so your theory of "WoW players don't want PVP" is false.

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