[A] Looking for casual guild

Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
I don't want to join one of the guilds with 200-800 members. I'm looking for a decent sized group of friends that plays casually and levels together. I just came back last week after just over a two year hiatus. Have been playing Nazgrel since 2008. I have a couple of level 100s and have not paid for Legion yet.
My main and many of my alts are in a great guild called Vigilance on Nazgrel. We do everything from light raiding down to helping out newer toons just play. If you haven't found a guild you like yet give any of us a shout. We have an active player base but are not a large guild by any means. Tell them Bambeno sent you :).
I put ya on my friends list in case you're on when I am. I whispered two members that were on last night, but they didn't seem to care.
I will be on this evening, give me a holler. Bambeno#1953.
Hi Artem!

Die With Honor is a small guild with active members looking to accomplish great things in BFA. All of our members have been around for many years and we all play to have fun.

If you are interested, you can email me at frostyguy84@gmail.com, add me on battlenet (Cuartic #1861), or add our GM (junakm11 #1298).

Looking forward to speaking with you!
I have returned to the game after months away. I have been unguilded for all of Legion and looking to join a casual guild. Due to work schedule i'm not sure of my raid availability. I have been playing WoW since Sept 2005. I have started playing on Tanaris. I server transferred to Stormrage with my guild. Due to guild drama the guild fell apart. Later I transferred to Nesingwary with a few friends. None of those friends play the game anymore. I have had experience in guilds from Casual to Hardcore Raiding. As of now I'm just looking for a guild where I make new friends and learn to enjoy the social aspect of this game again. If my schedule permits I may want to raid with friendly people. Contact me by email drquill74@gmail.com or Battle.net Quenoc#1956

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