What things should be pruned from classic?

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1. Dishonorable Kills - poorly implemented, which discouraged WPvP. Plenty of ways to solve for NPCs getting camped (make them unattackable, or spwan more guards)

2. Honor System - it’s an unhealthy system. The token change I would make is to prune the 20% honor depreciation per week. What’s the point of that other than to encourage excessive short-term grinding to hit your rank goal.
Somebody mentioned hunter pet normalization, and I agree, GET RID OF IT! Add even MORE variety!

PvP faction restrictions. "But Eldevane! The collusion!" Please, people readily and easily did this already, and it'll be just as easy now since everyone uses Discord. Keep the mail restrictions and stuff, that's fine, I just see literally no reason to force PvP players to spread their characters over two servers just because a clunky old anti-collusion mechanic that didn't even work was "part of vanilla".

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I'm reporting this thread. Haven't even looked at the responses.

Isn't falsely reporting threads for spam/trolling/etc when they aren't some kind of violation in and of itself? Should we report your reply since you're actually trolling?
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I'd like to see dwarf beards pruned. They are too long and unruly.

You just made the list.
01/22/2018 03:40 PMPosted by Charax
make them unattackable

This would be a rally bad way to address the issue.
The only thing I would like to see removed is the Tier .5 catch-up mechanism/dungeon recolor sets. They completely trivialized pre-BiS, and combined with later talents, they also trivialized world buffs, Ony and the entirety of MC aside from Rag's FR requirements.
Undead Rogues
01/22/2018 11:59 PMPosted by Aesqt
Undead Rogues

Wahhhh, the post
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I hope Blizz is smart enough to retain one faction per PvP server per account.

Oh wow. I didn't even realize what they were asking for on that one the first time through. That's how out of whack that request is.

It's not "out of whack", it's a personal preference, as per the thread request.

I don't expect Blizzard to ever do this. It's more of a "what would I have personally preferred" kind of fantasy.

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