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I'm looking for an [A] based guild for my holy paladin.

My logs can be found here:

My paladin's has 75 points in her weapon.

I'm only interested in Alliance guilds. My friends and husband play Alliance, so I have no desire to swap.

I'm interested in any of the following raid schedules:
Weekdays starting at 9p EST or later and ending no later than 12a EST.
Weekends (with a preference to Sat/Sun) starting after 7p EST.

I'm looking for a team that's in heroic mode, but I'm open to early-mythic. Feel free to look at my raid achievements to see what I've done before as a player. Most of my experience has been as a r-druid/r-shaman/warlock (warlock for this xpac only).

The guild I'm seeking must have a friendly low-to-no drama raid atmosphere.

Willing to transfer.

Contact me here / bnet: Liliac#1971 / discord: Sparkler#8500
If you're looking for a home or need help recruiting and are willing to come to Turalyon, let me know! I'm interested in making my realm fill that nice niche of weekend raiding in heroic and Mythic. We have a really close realm community that hosts M Guldan, Chosen and achievement/normal runs weekly!

So that being said, if you're on a deadish realm, raid weekends and are looking to transfer - come to Turalyon! = )

It will benefit Turalyon and your guild, but it would also benefit my raiders so their friends can transfer here to raid or people I turn away but want to raid mythic weekends can raid as well.

I also run a recruitment discord with ~3100 people so I have no shortage of people coming to me. Here, for reference: https://discord.gg/QUxQp9W = )

If you're looking for a list of all the weekend guilds on Turalyon, here ya go. Organized by start times & listed with Mythic or Heroic based on the long term goals of the guilds:

MORNING (5am+)
[H] One and Done - Saturday 11am-2pm EST Heroic NEW GUILD
[H] Act Natural - Saturday & Sunday 8am-11am EST Heroic (2/11N) NEW GUILD

[H] Avidity - Saturday & Sunday 1pm-4pm EST Heroic (11/11N)
[H] Warsong - Saturday & Sunday 2pm-5pm EST Mythic (1/11M)

EVENING (5pm+)
[H] Impure - Saturday & Sunday 6pm-9pm EST Mythic (2/11M)
[A] Elysium - Saturday & Sunday 7pm-9:30pm EST Mythic (1/11M)
[A] Judgement - Saturday & Sunday 7pm-10pm EST Heroic (8/11H)
[H] Horder Faster Deeper - Friday-Sunday 8pm-11pm EST Heroic (11/11H) AOTC
[H] Prophets - Friday & Saturday 8pm-11pm EST Heroic (8/11H)
[A] In The Mountains - Friday & Sunday 8:30pm-11:30pm EST Heroic (11/11H)

[H] Ours Is The Fury - Friday & Saturday 8:30pm-11pm EST Heroic (11/11H) AOTC
[H] Delirious Underlings - Saturday 8:30pm-11:30pm EST Heroic (2/11H)

[A] Mognificent - Friday & Saturday 9pm-12am EST Heroic (10/11H)
[H] Synthesize - Saturday & Sunday 9pm-12am EST Mythic (1/11M) NEW GUILD
[H] Synthesis - Friday & Saturday 10pm-1am EST Mythic (9/11M)
[H] Celestial Accord - Saturday & Sunday 10pm-1am EST Heroic (6/11H)
[H] Paragons - Saturday 11pm-2am & Sunday 10pm-1am EST Mythic (8/11H)
[A] Loch Modan Yacht Club - Friday & Saturday 11:55pm-3am EST Heroic (11/11H) AOTC

Not that these count as weekend guilds, but they do fill a weird niche with a Sunday raid day. If you're looking for a list of all the Sunday/Monday guilds on Turalyon, here ya go. Organized by start times:

MORNING (5am+)


EVENING (5pm+)
[H] Taco Slap - Sunday & Monday 8pm-11pm EST Heroic (11/11H) AOTC
[H] Last Sanctuary - Sunday & Monday 8pm-11pm EST Heroic (5/11H)

[H] Savage Factory - Sunday & Monday 9pm-12am EST Mythic (1/11M)
Hi Sparkler,

Saw you bump this a few times so thought I would at least post. I'm horde which is bad, but everything works out perfect. We raid Saturday and Sunday. We are newer guild working our way through heroic and plan to do mythic soon. We need are looking for another solid healer. And, our guild has little to no drama.

If you are interested in talking add me at Strixx#1136
Hi Strixx. Thanks for the post. I'll keep you in mind if I can't find anything. Since all of my friends and my husband (especially) play Alliance though, I'd ideally like to stay on this side, so we can continue playing together. :)

I have a few healer friends though, if I hear they're looking for something, I'll point them your way.
Edited to reflect available times.

Also, still looking.
Expectations: 955+ itemized / equipped iLevel & 75+ artifact traits w/ logs to prove your ability.

We are Horde and have been a team since December 2009. We're interested in having you join our squad. Can we speak on BNET or Discord?
Legion Progression History:
4/11 M-Antorus, 5/9 M-ToS, 8/10 M-NH, 2/3 M-ToV & 7/7 M-EN
50% High Command after 1 hour of pulls

Raid Schedule (Server[CST]):
Tuesday & Sunday: 9:00PM - 12:00AM
(Optional) Heroic Thursdays
Deviant is a team consistenting of mostly late 20 early, 30 year old players. I would describe our team as a mature guild that have created a raiding environment that likes to have fun, but avoids politics, racism & homophobia. I regularly update our website so please take a look as there is additional information on our raid environment and loot system there in addition to some boss kill videos, which are added the day after each progression kill.

is a Horde US progression based 2 day, 6 hour raiding guild formed in December 2009.
We use a customized EPGP loot system modified over multiple expansion to make it fair for both old and new team members & Discord for voice chat.
Server Group:
Destromath, Thunderlord, Azgalor & Azshara

Visit our website for FAQs & kill videos:
Contact Info:
enceno#1753 on Blizzard App
Aeliar#1904 on Blizzard App
enceno#7514 on Discord
Aeliar#7628 on Discord

or fill out an application at http://www.guilded.gg/#!AdWlob8bRp
Still looking.
Sacred Destiny on Doomhammer(Alliance)
Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 630-10 PM MST
Optional Alt Normal run on Wednesdays at same raid times
Also run Mythic + with guild groups throughout the week to help everyone get their 15 for best gear in weekly chests.

Recruitment Openings
Tank: None
Healers: Pally, Shaman, Monk ( all classes will be considerd if decent dps offspec)
Ranged DPS: Hunter, Warlock, Boomkin, Mage
Melee: Ret Pally(holy offspec a Plus)
All Melee will be considered

Sacred Destiny is one of the oldest guilds on the Doomhammer server and the guild itself even predates the game going back and being formed in a past game. We have been raiding since vanilla and have all intention of progressing through expansions to come.

Our raid atmosphere is somewhat casual, we like to joke around and keep the convo interesting at times, but we do like progression. That being said we like to have everyone come prepared with food, flasks, pots, and seals prior to raid. We have obtained Ahead of the Curve in all dungeons a couple months before the next dungeon has been released. We are currently 11/11 Normal and 9/11 Herioc Antorus. We have intentions of pushing Mythic once we have a solid 20+ raiders and heroic on clear, nothing Hardcore but so we don't get bored of farming heroic over and over again.

Please add me through Real ID if interested in trying out with us on our raid nights

Battletag: Senator23#1289
Added you to Bnet if you want to chat preraid, as posted above our start time is 630M(830 ET) but we aren't super about lates since we aren't into Mythic yet. once everyone is online and ready to go our pull time is closer to your 9pm time anyway
<The Trust> US - Alliance Lightbringer

7/7M - EN Cutting Edge
11/11M NH Cutting Edge
7/9M ToS
*Currently 5/11 M Antorus

We are an adult semi-hardcore raiding guild who strives to achieve Cutting Edge each new tier of content. We are currently in search of a few key classes to help fill out our Mythic progression roster. We are a guild who strives on bringing the player over the gear. Mechanically sound players are often chosen over “Parse Lords”. We strive to joke and have fun in between pulls, but get down to business when we are progressing.

Raid Times: Tues,Weds,Thurs 8:30pm - 11:30pm PST

Classes We Need:

Boomkin - High Priority
Ret Pally - High Priority
WW Monk - High Priority
Holy Pally
Disc Priest
Resto Druid - High Priority

Loot Distribution: RC Loot Council

Prospective members will be subject to a two-week trial period where their loot priority will be below that of main raiders. Once this period has expired, and membership is approved, all loot will be distributed equally.

Contact Info: Any interested player can contact me via the following Bnet.

Forswornn #1172

We are the Knights Who Say Ni, and seem to fit most of your criteria would love a holy paladin! We have been an active guild on the Icecrown/Malygos server since Vanilla WoW and are a mature guild, with both casual members who do not raid as well as a strong core raid team which we are focused on adding to! We hold a variety of events, from our regularly scheduled raids, to impromptu M+ and the occasional transmog runs or pvp. We raid Monday/Tuesday, 9pm - 12am EST and are 8/11 heroic. Our goal is to achieve AOTC for each raid tier and have been successful this expansion! If you're looking for serious mythic raiding, we're the wrong place. If you want to raid, relax, and putter around in guild with friends, let's chat!

Please add my battletag, Izzerien#1968, or discord Izzerien#2417, if you are interested! Hope to hear from you!
Hey Sparkler,

If your weekday times are flexible, check us out! We have an immediate opening for a holy pally on our (early) mythic roster, and run multiple alt/m+ activities that social players are encouraged to attend!

3/11 M guild recently transfered (faction and server) for a better push, looking to achieve aotc asap!

We are a small, fun and very active guild. We are filled with altoholics, so there are plenty of alt runs, high key m+, etc.

Our discord info is in the link below; or you can reach out to our gm at bnet ziriqt1988 for a chat!


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