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Hi everyone!

I'm a Hpal looking for a progression guild to join. I have 6/11 mythic antorus experience. I currently raid during the weekends but I’d like to dedicate the weekends to just relax, going out, etc. So yeah, I’m looking to join a guild that raids during the week from maybe 7:30pm to 11:30pm EST. My ilvl is 960 atm since I’ve been unlucky getting some gear from the 5 bosses I already have on farm on mythic.
Anyways, if you are interested you can reach me on discord at Lytae#8563 or on Bnet at Hope#1804, I’d prefer you reached me on discord tho’. Thanks and look forward to hear from you!

Horde Only :)
We're actively searching for a Holy Paladin.

Short version: 7/11 M. 3 night a week schedule.

Obligatory spam link:

Still looking.
We lost our holy pally to work last week and are looking for a replacement. We raid tues/thurs from 9-12 EST if you are able to swing the extra 30 minutes.

<The Mafia> Is an established guild that has been raiding on Frostwolf since Vanilla. We have an immediate opening for a Holy Paladin. We don't recruit for the bench and instead aim to have around 23 active players, so attendance is a high priority to us! Outside of that you just need a good attitude and a willingness to learn and communicate.

Our Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/22446

Contact us at Grahn#1735 or Mike#14107.
If you're not satisfied being a hor, join the dirty alliance for all the booty and plunder. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to hoist the black flag with a 9/11M crew on Stormrage, cleverly named Pirates.

We raid 9.75 hours per week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:15 PM to 10:30 PM Eastern. Would you like to know more? Visit WorstGuild.com and contact me directly: Scarcrux#1949
<Bench Raiders> is a new guild with player experiance of 8/11 mythic, 6/11 and 4/11 mythic experience to raid together on tue/wed. We also have high mythic+ teams with 4k+ Score. We are looking for the last few people to fill spots.

We raid Tues/Wed 8pm-12am CST hit me up for some fresh deetz

Discord: Boo#3672

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