Which zone has the best music?

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Much of the music in the game is beautiful.

For me, these zones are worth visiting for the music alone:
Spires of Arak

What's your opinion?
I used to love sitting in Grizzly Hills for the music alone.
01/31/2018 05:39 AMPosted by Vyolette
I used to love sitting in Grizzly Hills for the music alone.

The only acceptable answer. That or Ashenvale.
Grizzly Hills.
There's a bit in the Stormheim Music That I truly love. So I will have to say it's Stormheim.
01/31/2018 05:43 AMPosted by Averax
Grizzly Hills.
Grizzly Hills has the best though there are some pieces in Pandaria and a bit in Storm Peaks I really like, too.
I would also add Temple of the White Tiger sub-area music to my previous post.
Teldrassil, Ironforge, Elwynn Forest, several BC areas such as Hellfire Peninsula and I think it's either Mana Tombs or Sethekk because of the Diablo / Starcraft vibes.
Grizzly Hills and Storm Peak for sure. Actually, I like all of the music but the two I mentioned are my favorite.
The Barrens / Ashenvale
Quite a lot of amazing music through out wow, from Mulgore to Shal'aran if I were to try listing them all it would take up quite a lot of space (and time, as I generally cant remember the actual names of the songs).

I dont remember much of noteworth in the cataclysm specific zones however, maybe something in Uldum? WoD was skimpier as well, but pretty much all the other expansions (and vanilla) had a lot of songs that were fantastic at the time and have become nostalgia fuel now.
Anytime I roll a Horde toon I go thru the Silverpine quests just to hear the full Lament of the Highborne at the end.
- Northern Barrens musics. So sad that I had a difficult time listening to it for several years, and I wondered why they didn't assign it to the Southern Barrens because that's where all the tragedy happened. Still wonder that, actually.
- Tanaris music
- Much of the music in Outland and Northrend is amazing. Northrend, especially. I'd put Storm Peaks at the top of my list; Zangarmarsh and Dragonblight for sheer ambience; a piece that plays in parts of Blade's Edge Mountains (in Arakkoa areas, I think); and the Wintergrasp music.
- Pandaria has superior music. Jade Forest is wonderful; but IMO the crowning achievement there is the dramatic music that plays in Kun-Lai Summit (which I believe is actually named "Townlong Steppes" for some reason.) When MoP first came out and everyone was leveling, that music along with the Sha of Anger's constant presence made the zone very intimidating and a wonderfully abrupt change from Jade Forest/Valley of the Four Winds.

From the current expansion, the music is all very good, but I really love the music that plays at Varian's tomb.

From vanilla-- true vanilla:
-- the music that played in Elwynn Forest and Loch Modan. Just gorgeous. (still in game)
-- the "Snow" music which played in places such as Winterspring and the Dwarf/Gnome starting zones (definitely still in the game).
-- Original Ashenvale music (partially still in game)
-- "Jungle"/"primal" music (partially still in the game)
-- Old Tanaris music, which was kind of like "desert" music (partially still in game)

Edit: oh yes, and the variations of "Lament of the Highborne" from the blood elf starting zone
IMO Pandaria has the best music, with the Jade Forest and Timeless Isle as my favorites
01/31/2018 05:39 AMPosted by Vyolette
I used to love sitting in Grizzly Hills for the music alone.
Tanaris. That desert zone is my favorite zone in the game and the music is immersive.
Howling Fjord

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