[PVP] Verdict on Highmountain racials?

I'm still undecided on what to race change my main (Tauren) druid to. I mostly only pvp. The thing is I have no idea what Zandalari racials are, and tbh warstomp seems as equal as HM Bull Rush.

I may just have to wait until BFA launches. If anyone has been using HM in pvp, please give me some feedback. Is the vers racial noticeable?
Highmountain Charge is pretty fun. Not that useful right now but once they remove Displacer Beast it'll get a lot more use, for sure.
Vers racial won’t be noticed in PvP but it’ll be a nice boost for other content since it’s Ferals best stat.

I just swapped my Horde Druid to HM so I’ll probably play around with it in PvP this weekend.
I did check out the racial this weekend in Arenas, it felt really weird to use in pvp. If you can line up all your enemies, it will knock everyone down for 1.5s but, that's it.

You don't actually charge to the person, you charge through them. So you keep running after you've knocked everyone down. At least as Feral, this makes things a little weird because you get out of range of enemies & then have to skull bash or wild charge back into range.
I find the charger very good on this monk (which I boosted) using transcendence before and after the charge. I don't think it will be as effective on other tank classes when compared to war stomp.

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