Best class choices for nightborne?

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Surprised no one else has brought up rogue. The magic damage perfectly aligns for Sin (nature) and Sub (shadow). Not to mention the added ability to stick to a target with the snare plus a little bit more burst on your opener as well.
I’m leveling this guy bc I need/want a priest horde side. That said, I’d consider just waiting for your void elf. They have arguably the best caster racials. Definitely on Alliance.

Just don’t get burnt out rolling two casters so quickly together, IMO
I have been looking at this post for like for ever and still do not know if I should kill my lvl 35 BE mage and make a Nightbourn or Kill my level 20 Panderion Monk and make a Monk in place.
I rolled a warlock...and am not really loving the class. Maybe it will get better. I love the magic damage perk, but the void elf racial that makes you unable to be interrupted is obviously better for any caster. So I chose a dot based magic damage class. Meh.

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